Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Never Lose Courage

Never Lose Courage

The world requires fortitude. Become courageous and lead others to courage.
June 29, 1982

I want a world of brave and courageous people.
Aug. 17, 1982

Be brave and always walk on. there will be many mountains to cross, but do not stop until the goal is reached. Be strong and never feel disheartened.
Dec. 26, 1982

Walk on with courage and bravery. Go on working to improve humankind and establish the Path of Truth. I want a creation full of brave and courageous people and you should make the next generation brave and courageous too. I am against non-violence, that makes a human being a coward. Fight for truth! To face life, you must have great courage every day.
Jan 16, 1982