Sunday, 24 September 2017

Desire is the beginning of separation and suffering.

God and Maya Are One

13 October 1983

Today I asked Babaji in what sense Maya, the Cosmic Illusion, exists...

and He answered,

"That 'what is existing' is the Projection we make on reality; our Dream exists, but it is just our imagination." He added a song: ‘God and Maya are One together. Nothing of what’s existing can be different from its Creator.

Shastriji, Babaji's High Priest, explained to me that things in themselves are not good or bad, because everything that exists comes from the Divine, even that which is apparently negative; it is an illusion to think otherwise, the result of ignorance, born out of our attachment.

Desire is the beginning of separation and suffering. In the Christian religion the concept of separation is symbolized by original sin and whatever meaning or significance we wish to give to the famous apple, it’s the symbol of a personal desire and a lack of surrender to Divine Will.
~ Book: Fire of Transformation by Gaura Devi 'My Life with Babaji'