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Haidakhan Babaji appearance in a cave at the foot of mount Kailash

The appearance of Shiva (in the form of (Haidakhan Babaji) in the Kumoun region and will embody in a cave at the foot of mount Kailash

Shiva said : when I appear  in the world, I will first go to the Kumoun region and will embody in a cave at the foot of mount Kailash. And though I will roam the world as an immortal saint, first I will dwell for a while in the caves of the Kumoun region. 

There grows a sacred plant named Haira and there the Gautami Ganga flows day and night. Nearby is a beautiful cave, praised in the scriptures. The place will be known as Haidakhan Viswa Mahadham. (Most sacred place in the universe) . I will be known there under the name of Haidyakhandi Baba. The people of this region will get My first dharsan in the form of the divine, pure and peaceful sadhu. 

After He concluded His speech, Shiva stood up. His ganas (companion of Shiva) also stood up and presented their gifts to Him; a kurta, a topi, a janeo, a langoti and a flower garland. Ganapati was standing next to Shiva and Kartikeya approached them. He was very happy to see Shiva as a Sadguru. Both these divine sons of Shiva asked their father's permission to accompany Him. He gave them permission to follow him as sadhus.

- Shri Sada Shiva Charitamrit..

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Haidiyakhandi Yoga Taught by Lord Babaji to Shastriji - ॐ (Part 3)

Lord Haidakhandi Babaji and Shastriji
 Haidiyakhandi Yoga Taught by Lord Babaji to Shastriji - ॐ (Part 3)
Sri Shastriji at Siddhashram Schweibenalp, May 8, 1985

And when Sri Mahaprabhuji (Lord Haidakhandi Babaji) told me that He could tell me the Secrets of the Mantra "Haidiyakhandi" immediately, I was reminded of what had happened with Mahendra Maharaji years ago, when he had told me that, when Sri Mahaprabhuji appears, He himself will tell you the 'real meaning' of Haidiyakhandi.

And while explaining the meaning of this Great Name, Prabhuji (Babaji) told me that, when the actions of Yoga start in the body, they start First in the Muladhara Chakra (root chakra), from below. But this "Haidiyakhandi Yoga" is a very special Yoga which starts from the Sahasrara Chakra (crown chakra), from the top. And one by one, from above downwards, it will pierce all the chakras.

When I further questioned Him to explain to me more precisely, Sri Mahaprabhuji told me that there are Five syllables in "Hai-di-ya-khan-di." In the Sanskrit alphabet, each letter has a particular place in the body. Hai has a place in the throat. According to the rules of grammar, ai is mixed in Hai and pronounced from the talu (the throat). Each of the Five syllables has a letter both pronounced from the throat and belonging to the topmost chakra, so that in reciting these Five syllables constantly, one travels 'only in the uppermost chakras', purifying them.

This 'Haidiyakhandi Yoga', which gives everything to a human being who follows it, is a Yoga between Throat and Crown Chakra and has no connection with any of the lower parts of the body. It rules all the chakras from the sahasrara, from the top.

By constantly chanting the mantra Haidiyakhandi 'all the chakras' of a human being are pierced, and he/she becomes the owner of all the Siddhis (the great powers), which are known as the Ashta Siddhis (the eight divine powers) and the Nau Nidhis (the ninefold divine blessings). This is one of the 'most important points' of this Yoga which Mahaprabhuji showed to us.
(Continued in Part 4)
Photo: Lord Haidakhandi Babaji and Shastriji (Babaji's High Priest)

Bhole Baba Ki Jai! ॐ

Lord Babaji as the Divine Father and Divine Mother / Japa on Haidiyakhandi Mantra ॐ - (Part 1)

Lord Babaji as the Divine Father and Divine Mother  / Japa on Haidiyakhandi Mantra ॐ - (Part 1)

~ Shri ShatrijiI Vishnu Datt Misra
at Siddhashram, Schweibenalp, Switzerland 1985

Many people offered prayers and did Aarati to Sri Mahaprabhuji (Babaji) as Sri Mahaprabhuji. But there were times, when people put a sari on Sri Mahaprabhuji, worshipping Him, offering aarati to Him as Mahamaya (Mother Goddess). And He proved it to us, that within Himself, Brahma and Mahamaya both resided together.

He proved to us that there is no need for us to do a separate sadhana, separate yoga for the male and female energy, for Brahma and Mahamaya. By chanting, or doing Japa of "Haidiyakhandi", we worship both together. For the universal good of humankind, Sri Mahaprabhuji has given us the 'Great Boon' of this Mantra. (To be continued in part 2)

Haidiyakhandi Yoga Taught by Lord Babaji ॐ - (Part 2)

 Lord Haidakhandi Babaji and Shastriji reading
Sri Shastriji at Siddhashram Schweibenalp May 8, 1985

Now I will share with you the 'most secret aspect' contained in the Mantra "Haidiyakhandi" (Given to Sri Shastriji by Lord Haidakhandi Babaji)

With the Grace of Sri Mahendra Swamiji Maharaja (Sri Shastrijis family guru and chief disciple of Babaji), the book "Shri Sadashiva Charitamrita" was written and published in 1961. Within his lifetime, the criticism and interpretation of this book was also written, but was not published then.

A short while after Sri Mahaprabhuji (Lord Haidakhandi Babaji) appeared in 1970, He said to me, "In your house there is a written book ready. Please bring it here." And when I brought this book, "Shri Sadashiva Charitamrita," to Him, Sri Mahaprabhuji heard it from my own mouth from the first chapter to the end. And after having listened to the whole book, Sri Mahaprabhuji commented, "This is perfect. This is what I wanted." Sri Mahaprabhuji wanted that 'all religions should be united' and that there should be a book in which they were given a common base, a universal book.

And I requested of Sri Mahaprabhuji, "Now that you have appeared before the world, you should give some teaching on Kriya Yoga." For Kriya Yoga had not been given fully, so I wanted that Sri Mahaprabhuji should complete His teaching on it.

Sri Mahaprabhuji told me that now the time is not ripe for the world to know the 'secrets' of Kriya Yoga. When the time comes, He would open the Treasure of this knowledge and give it to the world. As you might have read in the "Autobiography of a Yogi," there is a mention of Kriya Yoga, and also in many other books like this. But there is no book in which there is a description of how Kriya Yoga should be done, or how it should be taught. Everyone was told to go to the master, to the guru, and find out what it was.

These disciples in search of masters, kept on wandering here, there, everywhere, and then would find a master who whispered something into their ears, telling them that this is how Kriya Yoga is done. But in our Vedic literature and all other religious books, nothing is secret, everything is open for everyone to interpret as they wish.

After my 'repeated prayers' to Sri Mahaprabhuji that He should tell me what I should write, He told me that I should compose a ninth chapter (of Sri Shastriji's book). For each chapter He would tell me what I should write. And whatever Sri Mahaprabhuji told me, I wrote. It was the complete description of Kriya Yoga in His presence.
Many times He listened to what I had written.

But when He had finished, I prayed to Sri Mahaprabhuji saying, "It will be impossible for the present mankind to follow this kind of Yoga, because today, at this stage, human beings eat all kinds of food which is not pure (as are vegetables, ghee, etc.). I mean all the kinds of chemical food, and this is why it is impossible for them to follow this deep and difficult Yoga."

So when I protested to Sri Mahaprabhuji that nobody would be able to do this Yoga of present mankind, Sri Mahaprabhuji laughed and said, "Shastriji, don't worry. This Yoga will be followed by someone who will be born -- there is no end to time, and there is no end to the universe -- somewhere, a human being will be born who will understand it and do this Yoga. Maybe, one person only, and maybe five persons, or maybe a few more will understand it and will be able to perform and Live this Yoga, and this will be sufficient to make it available to mankind, for it should no longer remain secret."

At the same time, Sri Mahaprabhuji told me, "If you are satisfied, if it makes you happy, I will teach to present mankind of this yuga (era), the Yoga of "Haidiyakhandi".

And as I was writing this literature on Haidakhan Babaji (in the 50s), Sri Mahendra Maharaja one day came by car to my house and told me, "Shastriji, all this time, we have been writing on Haidakhan, on Haidakhan Baba, etc., but now I have been given the permission by Babaji to tell the world the meaning of the name Haidiyakhandi".

So when I prayed to Sri Mahendra that he should tell me the 'secret mystery' of the name Haidiyakhandi, he said that at the moment it is all right to just explain what is Haidiyakhandi. Haidiyakhandi is the one who lives on the continent of Haidakhan. Just as we have the European continent, or America and Australia are known as continents, the same way in India in ancient times, the different regions were known as continents, and so Mahendra Maharaja said that this is sufficient for the world to know, that Haidakhan is the continent of Haidakhan Baba who lives in this continent.

Sri Mahendra Maharaji also said to me (Shastriji), "I'm revealing to you only a 'very small portion' of what Haidiyakhandi means, but when Babaji appears to you and the world, He himself will reveal to you the whole mystery of this Name." (To be continued in Part 3).

Jai Haidiyakhandi Bhole Baba Ki Jai!