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Remove the feelings of "I-ness" and "my-ness" and work in unity

29 October 1983

Shri Babaji again spoke through Shastriji, whispering each sentence into Shastriji's ear.

Highest Brahmarshi, Blessed One (speaking of and to the Governor of Uttar Pradesh), we give all good wishes to you during your stay here. As the great learned and respected Bhishma Pitamaha showed to the people in the Dwapara Yuga the correct path to Truth and Righteousness, so His Excellency, the respected Governor, is showing the correct way of life to the people of this Age. We all have this high expectation of him. We have a very high place for him in our hearts. We hope that he will guide us, time and again, like Bhishma Pitamaha.

Truth, Simplicity and Love are like a Triveni (a triveni is the joining place of three rivers). The way to success is to join Karma Yoga to this Triveni. Shri Mahaprabhuji is encouraging us to follow the path of Karma Yoga which is the only way to fulfill our wishes in this and future lives.

Shri Mahaprabhuji wants the creation of very brave and courageous people in the world. If, with full faith and devotion to God and with a firm determination, people follow the Path of Truth, Simplicity and Love with Karma Yoga, they will reach their goal. When the whole world is burning with the fire of sins and sorrows and the flames are about to swallow the world, this is the only way by which humanity can be saved. Only he who has firm determination will survive this destruction. That is why great Rishis have proclaimed: "Awake! Arise! Go to the wise and learn from them!"

There is no place for fear; people must work fearlessly in the world. Maharshi Markandeya has said that we must be fearless: when a man is fearless, no man can stand against him in battle - either a battle in material life or in spiritual life. He is victorious in all the battles of life.

Now Babaji is suggesting another point - that we must annihilate the feelings of "I-ness" and "my-ness" from our minds. You must march forward like a soldier, dutifully and bravely. The thing which brings man down is "attachment" to his own kith and kin. When you all belong to this whole universe, where is the place for "I" and "mine?" We must unite as one universal family and march forward in unity. By this means only will the world be benefitted. This is not the concern of one individual but that of the whole universe. The only true man is one who practices "humanism." Every man must cultivate the qualities of "humanity" - this is the only way to success in life. To teach us this way of "humanity" or "humanism," Sadgurudev Shri Babaji has appeared here. "Humanity" will not be elevated by lecturing and talking but we must awaken the spirit of humanism in all of mankind.

Everyone must remove the differences between themselves and others and work in the world in unity; otherwise the disorder which is spreading in the world will go on increasing and there well be no cure for it. There is only one way for mankind to be saved and that is by changing the hearts of all people. Shri Mahaprabhuji will give His full spiritual power to this, but every man and woman will also have to make their best efforts toward this end. As long as there is no change of heart, humanity is in great danger.


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Badrinath Yatra

In the summer of 1982 Babaji took His devotees on a trip to Badrinath. This is a very old holy site high up in the Himalaya. The Pandava’s were already here thousands of years back and probably also because it was already a holy power place back then. One of the 4 Shankar Acharya’s is residing here permanently. Pilgrims come from all over India since day in memoriam to take darshan, bring their prayers and take a sacred bath.

The water in the river is flowing fast and is ice-cold. Strong chains on the banks to hold on to so one does not get swept away by the force of the river.

There are also warm water sources coming from deep inside the earth, many at boiling temperatures. Both hot and cold are far outside the comfort zone. One place is made of old carved stones into a covered sacred bathing “temple”. Babaji with devotees was given permission to take bath there. Early early the temperatures where a little more bearable there and entering slowly slowly it was possible. Soft chanting of Om Namaha Shivay in the poorly lit place created a magical atmosphere. Babaji climbed on the shoulders of 2 devotees who walked Him around in this 5/8 meter structure while Babaji scooped up the water and blessed His devotees present. The sacredness of this moment as I experienced it there in the early morning with harmonic chanting will forever stay with me.

A little later that morning we went for darshan in the temple. There were no particular puja’s organised by Muniraj or anybody else that I can recall. We just came for darshan and walked around in that beautiful old temple structure. In a large niche, behind a large glass window the Shankar Acharya had his office so that people visiting the temple could have darshan of him. He seemed very busy and never looked up from his desk. The entrance to the temple holds a very large bell.

In the book from Age to Age by Shri Vishnu Datt sastri’s brother, Giridhar Lal Mishra there is a nice story about Munindra Maharaj ( Old Haidhakhan Baba ) was laughing loudly by the side of the road as a captain of the army was just passing. This man took offence and asked Him why he was laughing. Babaji told him that the bell of Badrinath had fallen down and they were having trouble putting it back up. That lawyer did not believe Him and told Him he would find out the truth and if He was lying he would severely punish Him. When he reached Kathgodam the next day and made some telex he found out that they where still trying to put the bell back up. The lawyer went to look for Babaji but it took him several day to find him. He remained a devotee for the rest of his life.

This same bell is still hanging in the arch of the entrance and after that darshan we all collected there for a “family” picture in the arch and on the steps leading up to it. In this joyous moment Pujari from Holland climbed onto the wall trying to ring the bell but while leaning over his foot slipped and ended up dangling from the bell. An hilarious moment but I have never seen any of those family pictures…..

We started to walk back across the bridge to the village. Babaji wrapped His arm around me and I was was the happiest boy in the world on that moment. So happy that I did not see a substantial bold sticking out of the surface of the bridge. In full swing my little toe encountered that obstacle. Strong sensations of pain and discomfort raced up my leg. The joy of the moment was so great that I just ignored my foot screaming at me. Just a few seconds later voices from behind asked Babaji to stop. The Shankar Acharya came with accelerated pace to make pranaam and take darshan of Babaji. Some of his attendants had told him that Babaji came and went to the temple. I actually did not know much of the significance of this moment but could see on the faces of particularly the Indian devotees that something big was happening. Babaji made gestures of blessings and exchanged a few kind words with him. I could not longer resist looking down at my foot. My toe was completely split at the front and the blood was mixing generously with the dust of the road. We continued our walk but the embrace was over and the limping started, but the bliss was for that moment still prevailing over the strong sensations. From my arrival in Herakhan about a year earlier I had continuous problems with my foot. Stubbing, stepping in nails, burning them, dropping things on top etc. But this incident was the last one of a long line……

In the afternoon we walked outside of the village. Babaji took some pictures with my camera holding it in strange positions towards the mountains. I have never been able to detect anything particular on those pictures. At a certain point Babaji and Yogamal ( owner of Kailash view hotel ) and myself were standing a bit separate from everybody. Babaji was staring at a mountain range in the distance. I was trying to see what He was looking at but it was very far and saw nothing in particular. Babaji murmured something in Hindi like if He spoke to Himself. I asked Yogamal what he said and he answered with a puzzled face ; Babaji said that He was in a cave there for 10.000 years. I stared back in the direction but started to realise that my reason and logic was scattered. 10.000 years was completely beyond my comprehension. As Lord Shiva 10.000 years is probably not so much. He did not seem to try to impress anybody but more something like remembering the good old days…..But this moment really stunned me and I recall it dearly since 35 years now.

Getting stunned was not so unusual around Babaji, He was the best at it !
Our mind loves to rationalise, explain and put all experiences in concepts where we can give it a place somewhere in the known world of our minds. Cracks to appear in this dense world of thoughts and then a little Divine light shines in. Not being around His physical presence we need to recognise these moments of awe where the mind stops ourselves. Awareness will help, the is prasaad from the Divine ! We may have lots of knowledge of the Veda’s or Sadhana or what ever information in our mind about the Divine but the only way to know is to experience it !

How to experience has created many schools, religions, theories, books and techniques.
Babaji has given us simple clear guidelines to follow.
Simple does not mean easy………work needs to be done !
Be inspired !


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA and you can defy death

"... At present, demonic influences have engulfed men. Man will fight and devour men and they will destroy each other. First, destruction will take place, then a lull and then peace will prevail. Some of the countries will be completely destroyed.

Prayer will be the only safeguard and saviors against destruction.

 Forget past and future, abolish all other thoughts, but pray with total concentration of mind and soul and have full faith in God.

 Chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA and you can defy death. Have no thought about your life and death. No evil influence will ever come near you if you pray with purity of heart and mind and with all faith and concentration."


27 March 1983 - During Evening Darshan

"... Many times before I have told you that you must be very alert and observe the rules of the ashram. The life of the ashram must be guided by alertness and attention. I do not like careless people. It is your duty to bring alertness, promptness, and attentiveness into your lives.

"I want to root out the seed of laziness in the world. Everyone should be hard working. Those of you who are old must come to kirtan. Everyone must take part in the ashram activities according to their capacities. Firstly I give you karma yoga. You can advance only through karma yoga, by karma yoga you may benefit others also. A lazy person cannot do karma and is like a dead person. Give great importance to karma yoga and proceed. When laziness is rooted out from this world, all the world's sorrows and troubles will come to an end. Only hard work can make a person powerful and energetic.

"Karma is of first and foremost importance in your life. Many times I have told you that only through karma yoga will I give you liberation. In this age it is the only type of yoga one can do, it is the only way to realization and progress.

"You must awaken others and make them arise and be alert. If you are always alert, this will be of great benefit to you. You will achieve happiness and you will be saved from the calamities which are coming very soon.


Be courageous and be prepared to face life as it comes

28 October 1983

"With people going their own way and conflicting with each other, it seems that a time of great crisis is very near. The world needs change from its roots upwards.

 Oh, my children! Youth of the world! Be brave and courageous and be prepared to face life as it comes, because as long as there is no fundamental "root" change in the world, there can be no improvement.

"Oh, brave youth! (It is right to call everyone 'youth' now), go from house to house, in any area, wherever you live, wherever you go, and give them this message:

"Awake! Arise! And be exalted! Make your life a success!

"Now the time is very near, there is no time to do anything else, no time to brood. Wherever you live, get organized, unite and awaken the people. Show the Path of Righteousness and Truth to all. You have to be strong and capable of facing these coming difficult times.

"Oh, youth! Remove all differences from your minds and unite like one great chain. We have to do good, not bad, for the whole world. You have to gather your courage, leave behind the fear of death to face life with hope and courage. Forget profit and loss - do not be concerned for praise or abuse - march on! You will have to walk through the blazing fire; only then can this world be saved."

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Only he who has courage is a true living being

31 January 1984

"You must all have a firm determination. Even if total destruction comes or any great calamity comes, you must not be shaken from your determination. If there is a great flood, if fire breaks out - in any calamity - you must be so brave and determined that you would jump into fire or water. You must inspire others also to become brave and courageous. Only he who has courage is a true living being. One who has no courage is like a dead man, even though he lives. We have tightened our belts and taken a firm determination to do good to the world and uplift humanity. You must stick to this resolve with your full energy.

"Calamities will fall not just on one country but on the whole universe; the whole universe is in danger. The terrible times which are approaching will engulf the whole world; the whole universe will be enveloped in this destruction. We must consider not only ourselves but also the whole of the universe. We can achieve anything in this world when we are hard working and industrious.

"Because you must consider the whole universe, we should say 'Jai Vishwa!' instead of 'Jai Hindi!'
'Jai Hind' means 'Victory to India' -
'Jai Vishwa!' means 'Victory to the whole Universe!'"

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Our aim is universal peace

Our aim is universal peace

 24 May 1983

"... The only religion is humanity. There must be tolerance and forgiveness. It is our duty to set an example for this. Everyone must be human. Everyone must be courageous, facing the difficulties of life with bravery. Save yourselves and others from the adharma (lawlessness) of the world. Cowardly people are like dead people. I want to create a world of brave people who face life as it comes. We want to save the victims of atrocities and bring them out of their troubles. We want to bring peace not only to one country but to the whole world - our aim is universal peace.

~Haidakhan Babaji

Seek harmony in everything that you do

12 April 1980

"If you are at peace, I am in peace. If you are troubled, I am troubled. If you have problems, I have problems.

"There will always be hills and mountains to overcome on the way to God. Do not be disturbed by the mountain falling down. It is the duty of the mountain to fall down and it is the duty of the soldiers to move the mountain.

"You should seek harmony in everything that you do. I am harmony. Thank you for your love."

Sunday, 27 November 2016

One Universal Family

One Universal Family

Dec. 16, 1981

Everyone should forget nationality; we are one here. This is a universal family. Have no idea of separation of identity; discard feelings of separateness. Serve the people with mind, body, wealth, brain.

June 21, 1982
I do not recognize castes and races. I behold only one humanity. I am working for mankind while here.

Oct. 30, 1982

Shri Babaji teaches us about the unity of creation. We are all made from the five elements; we are all of one spirit. In all respects, we are one humanity, one human family. Limitations arise from political beliefs and world leaders who mold thinking to time, place and culture, thereby creating differences and separateness. The birthright of all mankind is to love and follow God. Limitations arise from erroneous human beliefs. Shri Babaji has appeared to illumine the minds and hearts of mankind, so that unity and harmony may be known to all.

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Ramesh Chandra Sharma
Assistant School Teacher
Village Lohban, P.O. Lohban, Dist. Mathura, U.P.

For many years I had been enjoying the blessings and love of my Sadguru Mahendra Baba and have always been fully convinced that he and Bhagwan Hairakhan are one Lord in two physical forms. When Shri Mahendra Baba took his mahasamadhi, there remained a void which could not be filled. At first, I felt sad beyond expression, but then remembered his words, which also contained the essence of the teaching “If your devotion is genuine, and you are truly aware of Bhagwan’s blessings, if you surrender to Him fully, then you can always make Him come to you.” The truth of this statement I came to realize more and more.

Sometimes I would dream of Bhagwan Hairakhan in the body of Mahendra Maharaj who always instructed me to keep on praying for Bhagwan’s reappearance. One night I had a dream that Mahendra Maharaj was lying on the ground dead and that his devotees including myself, were weeping and moving for him. I took hold of the lotus feet of our dead Sadguru and prayed: “When you were still in our midst, we were always sure that you are Bhagwan Hairakhan Himself : If indeed this is true, then why don’t you grant us a sign that you raise yourself up and give us your divine darshan. There is nobody else in the world on whom we can rely.” And there and then he left his dead body, went up the steps that led to the cave and sat on the third one in lotus posture. When they saw this, his devotees started to dance with happiness. My heart was so overjoyed that I woke up. For me this was a sure sign Sri Bhagwan had reappeared.

I told this dream to a pujari (priest) of my acquaintance, but he took it very lightly and said, “Dreams are dreams, you can’t model your life on them. We have cremated Mahendra Maharaj’s body with our own hands; our Guru Maharaj is no more.

A few days later this same Pujari came to the village of Lohban where I live, telling me that he had received a letter from a brother disciple, in which he was informed of Bhagwan Hairakhan’s reappearance and that His identity is authentic beyond any doubt. Bhagwan Hairakhan has been sitting in Siddhasana in Hairakhan Cave.

Now more than ever I felt that Mahendra Maharaj was Baba Hairakhan Himself and that He has reappeared in the divine body of Babaji. Being the almighty Himself, He may assume any form He pleases. My wish to go and have the darshan of Babaji became very strong and one day along with some fellow disciples, I went to Hairakhan. We arrived there on Sunday, at 7 p.m. I saw Him sitting in the asana on the third step, just as I had seen Him in my dream, when he rose from the dead, also He was wearing the same clothes as in the dream.

In the beginning Bhagwan used to speak very little. Some times when he spoke it would be in Hindi, but mostly He only spoke these words ”Ghura Ghura Nani Nani” (Come; come, boy…”) We did not understand their meaning, but they sounded very sweet and divine from His mouth. I loved these words so much that I started imitating Bhagwan and repeated these words to myself, whenever I was sitting alone.

The journey had made me feel very tired and, after taking some tea, I slept peacefully on the stones. Bhagwan had asked us to take our morning bath between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m. It was very cold, but I did have a dip in the river Gautami and actually enjoyed it. Then I sang some devotional songs, and gradually people from the village stated coming in crowds for Babaji’s darshan.

At about 9 a.m. I again had Baba’s darshan but when I saw His new young body, I began to have doubts and was wondering very seriously, whether this young saint really was Baba Hairakhan. I was afraid lest we had come to the wrong saint, and would thereby offend our Sadguru. I spoke of this to one of the devotees present saying that since this saint has come to Baba’s cave all those who are eager to see Baba Hairakhan again in their midst, will start imagining that He reappeared: this young man however cannot be our Bhagwan. At the same time I began to pray very earnestly that if He had really reappeared He should give me proof of His identity where by I may believe Him.

As I was speaking in this manner with my fellow disciple, I saw Baba beckoning towards me. I went up to Him, bowed and then stood near Him with folded hands. He asked me : “Son, which books have you brought?” I told him that I had a copy of “Divya Kathamrit” by Mahendra Maharaj and a copy of a collection of devotional songs. When he asked me
again I suddenly remembered that I also had with me a copy of Prabhhu. I told Baba about this copy and He asked me to take it out of my bag. Without looking at it, Bhagwan leafed through it, the He suddenly stopped at one page, put His finger on one line and asked me to read it. All the time Prabhu had been smiling at me and had not once looked at the book. I mean which had been observing Prabhu’s lila. The line read as follows: ‘My heart, you have forgotten, Your Sadguru is Shankar (a name of Shiva) Himself”. This line was written in my father’s own hand writing. I prostrated that Bhagwan had taken me into His fold. All my doubts were dispelled in an instant by this indication of His omniscience.

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Babaji's Predictions Regarding "Great Revolution or Destruction" (Maha Kranti).

Babaji's Predictions Regarding "Great Revolution or Destruction" (Maha Kranti)
extracts from the book  Teachings of Babaji

The change of the present which is full of turmoil, will be brought about by bloody revolution. Peace will return only after revolution reaches its zenith. In the aftermath of the revolution - which will be total; no country will be spared big or small - some countries will be totally erased, leaving no sign of their existence. In some 3% to 5% and up to maximum of 25% of the population will be spared and will survive. The destruction will be brought about by earthquakes, floods, accidents, collisions and wars. The destructive elements which were kept in check by Sri Babaji have been released to do their worst. Those who pray to their chosen divinity will not be affected.
In order not to provoke Me, you must be quiet at the time of catastrophe. You must concentrate on Om Namaha Shivaya. With this mantra you can win everything, because it is stronger than all the bombs.
During the times of the Mahabharata (Lord Krishna's era) and the Ramayana (the earlier era of Lord Ram), there were wars that lasted for days; but now the change would take place in one day.(...) Babaji said that such a revolution was coming that nobody would know what was happening. 

Question: Should one have children during these times? Answer: Having children is a law of nature; what will happen will happen, you cannot stop it. 
It is the duty of everybody who comes to Babaji to spread and repeat that name of God and to spread His message of Truth, Simplicity and Love.(...) Those who remember Om Namaha Shivaya and Babaji are protected and saved. 

Be strong in the time of great revolution which is coming. No one can stop the fire coming to the world now. The bells of great destruction are already ringing. The war will be such that people sleeping will die immediately. There will be atomic war. People will die immediately in their houses from gas and atomic and nuclear radiations. Teachings of Babaji, P.9-10.

The energy of Om Namaha Shivaya shall destroy all contradictory energies of hydrogen and atom bombs and will protect you. 

A person might argue that when destruction is going to take place, why should I work? Why should I do any karma? But that is not right. One should work to his last breath.(...)

Up to this time, many incarnations of the Lord have brought war and violence to bring peace to the world. He is now preparing your hearts for the coming revolution, so you can face it peacefully. He has faith in no particular army; each human being is part of His army and He will face atomic bombs and cannons with the power of the Word of God. On one hand, certain countries are busy creating weapons and armaments; on the other hand, Babaji is nullifying these by having people loudly repeat the Word of God, bringing spiritual change. 

He has come to the world to save it from destruction; otherwise, this world would have ended. 
The great revolution is very near! There is no one in this world to stop it. This is a time of great destruction. Everyone must become spiritually strong and courageous. He alone can survive who has spiritual courage. Without spiritual courage, one is dead though he is living. The time is coming very soon. So that is why you people all must work. And be brave. Everyone must consider himself a humble servant of the world.

Now you see a sweet form of God, but in the future you will see a fierce form of God. Peace will come only after a Kranti (destruction/revolution). Babaji says a Kranti will come very soon and in the twinkling of an eye will spread over the world. This is why Babaji cautions us again and again to be alert.

Babaji again cautions us to be alert. A great revolution is coming. It is not of the ordinary type. Between heaven and earth this type of revolution has never been seen before. It will be astonishing and terrible. The destruction will be such that people will die as they work, sleep or stand. People will be killed by gas; buildings will remain but the danger is to humanity. Babaji reminds us to be prepared.

Those who repeat Om Namaha Shivaya, who are righteous, and those who are God-loving, will be protected.

As you have known for some time, the world will change. The lazy person is a burden to the world. That is why I tell you to work hard and have others do the same.(...)

Times will change, so you must resolve in your hearts to be industrious and courageous. Those who are strong like iron are fit to flourish. To become strong does not mean to become harsh and heartless. To become strong means to grow beyond pleasure and pain: beyond heat and cold.

This, more than others, is an era (yuga) of great destruction. Man has become enslaved by his lower nature. I have come to guide humanity to a higher path. I do not belong to any particular religion, but respect all religions. I seek elevation of all mankind. The higher self in people must be developed and enthrallment with the lower nature destroyed. It will be destroyed in countries all around the world by changing the hearts of mankind. Do you understand? Now that you understand, you must live in Truth, Simplicity and Love, and take this message into the world. 

(...) In this Yuga, the destruction will come within the flicker of an eye. This destruction will be such that those sleeping will be left sleeping, those standing will be left standing. The whole world will be transformed like this. In this destruction everything will finish; nothing will remain the same. You should therefore leave your attachment to the world. Only repetition of God's name will be useful for you; otherwise it is hopeless. (...) 

(...) in America people will get a form of disease which they will be unable to stop and which will cause death. Some will vomit themselves to death, still others will be bleed to death from cuts which will not stop bleeding. There is no sure prevention and there will be no cure. He recommends fasting as the best means of avoidance.

A change in the world is coming soon. Change is nothing new; it is the law of nature. (...) We must face the coming destruction with courage. I want you to be very alert and careful. Be ready to face the world.

(...) This revolution will set fire to the whole world. Only those will live who have adventure in their hearts, those who are wed to truth. You should all go forward with courage and adventure. This is why you should proceed with your duty always foremost in your mind. (...)

(...) A great revolution is coming. Wherever you live, be prepared to face the Revolution. (...) Only that person can take part who is prepared to face death, who is prepared to die at any moment. Only the man who is daring and has courage, who is prepared to die for the sake of righteousness, is fit to face the Revolution. The whole universe will be involved in this Mahakranti (Great Revolution). It is not limited to India. I am warning everyone in the universe. In whatever area one may live, he must spread this message. To whatever profession a person may belong, whatever may be his activity, he must take part in this Revolution. This will be the greatest Revolution in the history of the world - so all of you must be alert and make others alert.

In the world today fire is bursting out on one side, while nectar flows on the other. You must decide if you choose fire or nectar. While flames of the fire are spreading, it is up to us to save ourselves and others. We must be alert. At this moment people are jumping into the fire because of their ignorance. (...) Wake up yourselves and others. Control your mind and have firm determination. (...) Wherever you go, be prepared to save people. Be firm like a rock, deep and serious like the sea. (...)

(...) the Revolution will occur simultaneously everywhere in the world. Countries which believe that they can save themselves through the newly invented weapons can forget this thought, for they will not be able to do so. (...) Superpowers like Russia and America will not be able to face the fire even with their new weapons. Nothing that they have invented will be of any use. Everything can be destroyed. (...) For those who are true devotees of Babaji, the flames of fire will become cool. Face the fire and it will turn to ice. This requires control of mind and a firm determination. Everyone will have to face the fire. 
All of you must bring alertness into your lives. The revolutionary spirit which I want to inspire in the hearts of all of you is for the peace of the world. This revolution takes place for the sake of world peace. This is my sole aim and main task. (...) When unrighteousness prevails in the world this is the only path possible.

I think the great revolution is very near. Be prepared for it, leaving behind the fear of death and the hope of life. I think it is necessary now that there is a great revolution because without such a revolution there can be no peace. In all epochs it has been like that - only after bloodshed peace was obtained. (...) .

(...) Phuro! - Be inspired! This revolution will be so fierce that it will melt the hearts of men. This Revolution will annihilate the trees and leaves in the world. as the result of nuclear destruction. (...).

A great Revolution shall come to the world. Destruction is a most necessary aspect of creation. At all times, peace was established only after revolution. For many Yugas, the earth has been crying out for blood. The whole earth has to be bathed in blood at least once. This desire of the earth will be fulfilled. The Revolution will come quickly, in seconds, and spread everywhere. (...) No power in the world can stop the Revolution coming now. 

Today the world is playing with fire. We have to be ready to face fire, water and great storms and not be shaken. We have to go beyond the hope of life and the fear of death. Whatever happens we must go ahead. Then only can we benefit the world. We have to bring the path of karma into the light. Now the world is in deep darkness. The Revolution spreading in this world can be controlled by karma alone. 

You have to be strong and capable of facing these coming difficult times. Oh, youth! Remove all differences from your minds and unite like one great chain. We have to do good, not bad, for the whole world. You have to gather your courage, leave behind the fear of death to face life with hope and courage. Forget profit and loss - do not be concerned for praise or abuse - march on! You will have to walk through the blazing fire; only then can this world be saved. 

(...) The calamities which are coming to this world are unavoidable. Only he who has strong determination to do good acts and who is strongly devoted to God can survive this destruction. 

You must all step together and form a great international organization - bigger than anything organized in the history of the world. I do not want you all to be ruined or destroyed. A great Revolution is going to take place such as never before occurred in the world. The hearts of the people who read or hear the history of this Revolution will melt. This is the era of great destruction - no other time can be compared to this. The Revolution will last not for minutes but only for some seconds. The countries which have invented these destructive weapons will themselves be destroyed. (...) Only he who has surrendered completely at the feet of Shri Mahaprabhuji (God) is secure. 

Calamities will fall not just on one country but on the whole universe; the whole universe is in danger. The terrible times which are approaching will engulf the whole world; the whole universe will be enveloped in this destruction. (...)

Thursday, 10 November 2016


24 May 1983

"Our main aim is that there be universal peace. How can we obtain this peace? We can achieve this by eliminating all differences between caste and creed, by eliminating all inhumanity among us. There must be only one caste and one creed - humanity. Become human.

"The only religion is humanity. There must be tolerance and forgiveness. It is our duty to set an example for this. Everyone must be human. Everyone must be courageous, facing the difficulties of life with... bravery. Save yourselves and others from the adharma (lawlessness) of the world. Cowardly people are like dead people. I want to create a world of brave people who face life as it comes. We want to save the victims of atrocities and bring them out of their troubles. We want to bring peace not only to one country but to the whole world - our aim is universal peace.

"All of you must take a vow to go from house to house, from place to place, and help the needy. You have to root out the inaction which is destroying man. Inaction and idleness are the chief obstacles to man's progress. If you learn right action, you can do anything. Action is mahayoga - the highest yoga. you should progress through action. The political leaders of all countries preach inaction through strikes. You should have nothing to do with this. Man is meant for action.


The Blessing Of My Protection

The Blessing Of My Protection

"To devotees I give Abhaya Dhan, the blessing of My protection, by which you will always be protected and should be fearless. I am responsible for you and your liberation. Babaji continued - what would you not receive from me? Your faith must be as mighty as Mount Meru. Even the sun and the moon can move from their course, but the faith of a devotee should not be shaken." - September 1, 1982



What can we do about the problem of violence and terrorism that happens in our country? How should we react to that? It is not easy not to get angry with the people that put bombs and hurts anyone who is there.

"Violence is born of the Lower Self, which separates and compares, and can never be satiated. I have given you the means to end violence. Living in Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service is the way to end it. Many will hear this message. Few will live it. Until is the ending of the Lower Self. Until humans live in Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service. Until this happens, violence shall pervade, shall form the backdrop of human existence. Only despair will result.

"The very reaction to violence is the result of the Lower Self once again separating and comparing. This is the Maya of the Lower Self. This is the Maya of the Low Path."

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Consider problems as opportunities for growth

"Consider problems as opportunities for growth."

"As for serious problems. Consider these problems as opportunities for growth. Change is not easy. The ego rejects change, yet change is the law, change is the real. Obstacles to the higher path are many. That is why few arrive. If obstacles are nonexistent then the ego will create them. Understand? Your ego is creating obstacles. Maya creating maya.

"Step back. Observe, without judgement, unconditional. Watch now as obstacles melt, become no-thing. Do this each time a block appears. Step back and observe without judgement. Chant the mahamantra (Om nama Shivay) silently. Invoke the name of Babaji within your heart. The obstacle passes, quickly.

"Remember, obstacles are part of change and change is the law of nature. If you react, then the obstacle becomes larger. If you observe, pure observation, then the obstacle passes, as quickly as it was created. Go now. Observe.

"Pure observation. No judgement. Chant silently. Invoke Babaji within your heart. Now see the movement of Truth, the movement of Simplicity, and the movement of Love permeate the fabric of space and time and move upon the heart.

"I am Bhole Baba. I am no-thing. I am no-body. To find me, find what I am not.

"Do not assign the ego to question me in a manner that is complex, not from the heart. I can never be found in this manner. I am no-where, no place.



Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Divine Transformation by Repeating Gods Holy Name

Teachings of Lord Haidakhandi Babaji ॐ
April 4, 1982
Shri Mahaprabhuji (Babaji) has the 'holy thought' that the revolution (kranti) must be done peacefully. Babaji has come to change the world--not by fighting or with weapons and armaments. He transforms by changing the hearts of people through a simple method--Repetition of God's Holy Name. The Vibrations of the Name will change the world.

22 JANUARY 1983
This Om Namaha Shivaya is like nectar; 'feed everyone' with this nectar. Shri Mahaprabhuji wishes that all words would disappear from this world, except for three - Om Namaha Shivaya. This is the original mantra. When Primordial Energy first appeared, the First Mantra that She uttered from Her holy mouth was Om Namaha Shivaya.
(Mahaprabhuji means Great Lord... ॐ
Bhole Baba means Simple Father)

Friday, 7 October 2016

Karma yoga message of Babaji

9 January 1983

"All of you must learn to be disciplined. Be alert 24 hours a day. If you are not disciplined and idle your time away, there is no point of coming to Herakhan.

"All must vow to always work and serve, think good and do good keep-good thoughts in your mind.

"According to my plan, liberation will come only to those who practice karma yoga. There have been many yogas - bhakti yoga, gyaha yoga, prem yoga - but in this time only karma yoga can benefit you. I instruct you to always spend your time industriously. Whatever work you do, do it in the name of Babaji. Whatever money comes to you, spend it for good purposes. I say all this in the service of humanity. To work, think good, and dedicate your life to Humanity is the best. The only necessity of this Yuga is karma yoga through service. Everybody must spread this message. More and more people must be acquainted with these thoughts and teachings. Each comer of the world must awaken to these words. It is My desire that there be harmony in the universe. My plan is one of love - one where the lion and the goat can drink from the same well. I dislike idleness. Hard work will benefit you. When the time comes, you must be prepared to do any kind of work that comes to you.


*** *** ***

I am always with you / Hairakhan Babaji

"I am not here to convince you of anything. 

I am not here to be recognized. 

I am not a show, not an entertainment. 

I am only here to serve. 

I am only here to share my message of Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service. 

I want you to walk on the High Path. 

I want you to be independent thinkers. 

I want you to fight the corruption of freedoms, of the poor, of the land, sea, and air. 

I want you to break away from the Lower Self, that part which demands more and more, only to bring you misery and despair.

"I am no-one. I am no-thing. I am always with you.",

*** *** ***


14 September 1981

Babaji opened the general meeting by saying that anyone who was having any trouble or problems could speak. There followed a number of questions which Babaji answered:

Q: How can I still my mind?
A (Babaji): Do japa standing in water. The name of God should be repeated two and a half million times, sometimes standing in the water, as deep as you like, and other times sitting on your asan next to the water. Do this daily and then leave it when finished.

Q: At some times I feel happy but at other times I feel sad. What can I do to feel happy and keep my heart open?

A (Babaji): You must do japa more regularly.

Q: Sometimes I think I should do meditation but I don't feel like it, and at other times, when I try to meditate and japa, I cannot concentrate. What can I do ?

A (Babaji): You should get up at 12 in the night, take a bath, and then do japa for about an hour.

Q: When will the dream given to me by my Guru manifest?
[Note: This question was put to Babaji by an Indian devotee who had been given a very wonderful dream. by his Guru the contents of which he couldn't reveal, some ten years earlier.]

A (Babaji): In six months and nine days.

Q:  How can I know that I am doing God's will when I am away from Babaji ?

A (Babaji): You should eat only fruit and milk for nine months.

Q: How can I put together my love, for my girlfriend and my love for God

A (Babaji):  You can first concentrate on the love for the girlfriend and when you are satisfied, then come to God.

Q: What is the quickest way to realize God ?

A (Babaji): Japa.

Q: Is is better to repeat Om Namaha Shivaya by chanting slowly or by doing it fast ?

A (Babaji): Do it quickly.

Q: Should one have children during these times ?

A (Babaji): Having children is a law of nature; what will happen will happen, you cannot stop it.

Q: Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be afraid ?

A (Babaji): It is a good thing. To become fearless, you should repeat the name of Babaji all of the time.

In summary, Babaji said: "It is the duty of everybody who comes to Babaji to spread and repeat that name of God and to spread His message of Truth, Simplicity and Love. Those who return to their homes should go on tour and tell people that the way to save mankind is by following the teachings of Shri Babaji."

Babaji used the term "Kranti", which may be interpreted as "revolution" or "destruction". He said that a Maha Kranti (great revolution) was fast approaching and would be known as the Blood and Fire Kranti. When asked if everybody would be killed in this Kranti, Babaji compared this destruction with that of the Mahabharata (the great battle fought in Lord Krishna's time), when all the great warriors were killed.

"Those who remember Om Namaha Shivaya and Babaji are protected and saved."
Babaji was asked how others could be helped during this period. He said that this could be done by spreading the word of His presence and teachings and putting these notices in newspapers published throughout the world. Babaji said that it is your, foremost duty to tell the world of His message.

Babaji was asked if the world would be a better place after this Kranti and He said this was a subject for the next General Meeting in December. He then said that everybody was invited to Herakhan for Christmas.

*** *** ***

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Be Strong and never feel disheartened

"Attach Yourself to God.

Be Brave and always walk on.

There will be many mountains to cross.
But do not stop until the Goal is reached.

Be Strong and never feel disheartened."

~ Sri Lord Haidakhandi Babaji wisdom and photo ॐ

Friday, 12 August 2016


Om  nama Shivay
Babaji Guided Me in a Deep Meditation. With my eyes closed, I sat bolt upright and Experienced how my hands performed very Precise Mudras, which Activated Energy throughout my entire body, and at the same time, this 'set free' Deep Knowledge within me.

With My Breathing Consciousness I went through the middle of my forehead up to the Crown Chakra and Experienced, on the way, that there 'Exist within,' exits to various Divine Worlds in the Form of Numbers.

Moving Up My Forehead Consciously, I intensively Experienced the Christ Energy. The Portals to these Magnificent Realms expressed themselves as the Numbers from 70 to 90. The Crown Chakra had the Number 100 as the Portal to the Infinite.

There were Also yet Higher Levels that amazingly were not reached by rising yet higher, but by voluntarily descending again. But this time the way was not via the forehead, but down the back of the head. As easy as I had found it to ascend through the forehead, so, inversely, I found it strenuous to descend through the back of the head.

From One Level it led to the next, through the portals from 101, 102 to 103, to 104. Each time it required an inner stepping back, a kind of ability to 'renounce' that enabled entry into the next level. This Inner Path led from the back of the head down to the base of the skull. It needed my 'complete inner strength' of Conscious Mudras in order to move further down. I reached level 107 only with the greatest of effort.

I was Then at the end of my strength and asked : How do I get to 108?

Then I Saw the Mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAY Spread over the World like the finest icing sugar from the highest to the lowest level, and saw also that Everyone who Repeats the Name of God with Devotion, for instance in the Form OM NAMAH SHIVAY, is Immediately in the Highest Level. That means that every ordinary person who ploughs the earth lovingly in the Name of God is already in the Supreme.

What a Teaching!

How Deep Must God’s Love Be that he makes it So Simple. In this way it was Shown to Me that the Highest Divine Region cannot be Reached by one’s own efforts but Only through the Repetition of God’s Name.

~ From Book: Encounters with Babaji by Renata Caddy

Saturday, 9 July 2016

karma yoga - yoga of action and the Great Revolution

August 83

"Babaji often speaks in public, talking about karma yoga - yoga of action, working selflessly for the Divine. He says that we live in an era of action, of revolution and destruction (Kali Yuga), a time of great trial for the whole of civilization.It is no longer possible to remain aloof, abstain and be passive, because now we have to take part in the Great Revolution (Maha Kranti) and global change. He expressed certainty that it is not only a spiritual but also a political global revolution. 
He says that the great spiritual revolution will be preceeded by numerous wars and Natural Disasters occurring around the world, and we need to be strong. He offers a comprehensive yoga, emphasizing that even yogis and yoginis to become spiritual warriors and fight for the Truth. 
The New Age Coming, a new spiritual era, however, the transition from old to new will not be without conflict and destruction, and we must prepare for it.

For me, His words are like nectar. Since my childhood I believed in world revolution and change for the good of humanity, an ideal. And these views in the first place led me here, to India, to search for answers."

Jai Mahamaya ki jai!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

PINDA KACHA SABDA SACHA - The body is perishable, the word is eternal" - Babaji

PINDA KACHA SABDA SACHA - The body is perishable, the word is eternal" - Babaji

"Have you become dependent on Babaji´s physical form? What will you do when He leaves His body?" a wise man asked me in Delhi. And to my Indian companion he said, "Don´t go looking here and there, look to yourself. Only within yourself can God be found. Concentrate on the immortal and hold it always before your mind´s eye."

Was I dependent on Babaji´s human form? Well, yes and no. Those of us living abroad couldn´t very well run to Him with every problem, like the devotees living closer to Him could. We were forced to look inside for the answers. Babaji helps us to find the inner master, to raise our consciousness and to strengthen our discriminative powers. When someone clung on to Him they were sent away to find their self-worth in the world and to fulfil their duties and work.

I desired His physical presence nevertheless, for it was instantly so uplifting. With Him I became a free child again - one that could be educated and guided. He knew every flutter of my heart and taught me love and trust. He could read me like a book and this made me know I was totally accepted, with no part excluded or falsely included.

Today Babaji said: " One day My body will dry up. It has no meaning of itself and is only there to serve and help humanity. All beings, animals, flowers, birds and stones, have a form given them by God so that they can fulfil a function in the world. The only reason My body has been created is to fulfil the function of serving all beings, human and other."

G. Reichel Verlag

Friday, 6 May 2016

Babaji is the light of Consciousness within us

On a few occasions I have tried to perform a puja to Him in the kirtan hall, holding a lighted lamp in front of Him. He took the flame from my hands and started to wave it in front of my face, teaching me that He only resides inside myself.

Once again I was doing pranam to Him today when Baba asked me: ‘To whom are you doing pranam?’ I am your own Self.’ On another occasion I was walking in the jungle with Him and I stumbled on a stone because I was intent on looking at His feet. He turned towards me and said: ‘Look inside; outside there are many difficulties.’

~ Fire of Transformation by Gaura Devi

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

JAPA NAMA (repetition of God's name)

JAPA NAMA (repetition of God's name)

Shastriji cited Babaji as saying ; 

"The only way to happily control the mind is to worship the Lord and remember His Name is unfathomable. Keeping it always in mind, the traveler on the path overcomes every obstacles.

"When the Name of the Lord, as His supreme power, enters the heart, happiness begins to pervade it. By remembering His Name, the Lord Himself comes to reside within the heart, and the devotee immediately reaps the fruit of all his endeavors. 

"The little self of man then begins to merge with the Divine self, and the Lord, most merciful, gives fearlessness to it. The constant remembrance of the Lord transforms the individual self into the Self Supreme..the self, by constantly remembering God, become like Him.

In one of His talks in november, 1982, Shri Babaji said: 

"of greatest importance is that is repetition of God's Name increases daily. On this way your heart and mind will be purified; only then will you find God in yourself.

"The mind can be purified only by jap. This is only medicine for the disease of the mind. While your mind and heart are impure, how can God live in your heart? The water to clean your heart is the Name of God. So teach everyone to repeat the Name of God - everywhere."

From the book " I am Harmony"

Monday, 14 March 2016

To attain salvation is the highest achievement of man

23 DECEMBER 1983
During Evening Darshan

This entire world is transitory, only God's Name is eternal. The fact is that the geography, the structure of the world is always changing.

There is one thing I want to tell you all. In whatever way you can, you should come here and be benefited and liberated. To attain salvation is the highest achievement of man. You must seek liberation and help to liberate others.

The fact is that the world is transitory. That I have told you repeatedly.


Yagya (Havan ceremony)

Yagya (Havan - fire ceremony)

Haidakhan 22 December 1983

At the havankund (pit of fire ceremony) on the guff side of the ashram, at a pre Christmas fire ceremony.
When most of the seats at the havankund had been taken and the ceremony had started, a western man came .to the havankund and looked for a place to sit. Babaji asked:
Have you washed your hands? Wash your hands and come and sit.

The chanting of the mantras stopped while the devotee washed his hands and sat down. Then Shri Babaji, looked around the hawankund at all the faces, said :

I want to tell you the meaning of the yagya (havan ceremony).

Havan it is that brings rain, which brings grain. The origin of Creation stems from the havan. The havan is the real form of the gods: whatever we offer to the havan goes directly to the gods who are being invoked.

I want to tell you the meaning of the Yagya (Havan ceremony). Havan it is that brings rain, which brings grain. The origin of Creation stems from the havan. The havan is the real form of the Gods; whatever we offer to the havan goes directly to the Gods who are being invoked. 

By doing havan, people gain happiness and all the pleasures of life; they all have good thoughts and love for each other. By the smoke from the havan the harmful germs in the atmosphere are destroyed and the good bacteria, useful to life, grow in it. This increases the plenty and prosperity of the world.

Before starting any work, you should first know the significance of it. You may be wondering why these people are burning the fire and 'wasting' things by throwing them into the fire. It has great significance: Creation originated from this.

Sri Muniraji leads the Vedic Havan (Fire Ceremony)
at Haidakhan Babaji Ashram India 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Serve every living being in the universe

"... Leaving behind the fear of death and the hope of life, you must advance. You should not be afraid of fire or water. When the need arises, we will have to jump into the ocean; when the time comes, we must be prepared to jump into the fire. That is why all of you must be as firm and stable as Mount Meru. The thing is that this whole world is transitory - why do you entertain confusion in your minds? You must have only one aim, one goal - to serve every living being in the universe. ..."

~ Haidakhan Babaji

extract from the book. Teachings of Babaji

*** *** ***

Thursday, 11 February 2016


του Nityananda Atman

Ένα σχόλιο στις διδασκαλίες του Σρι Μπάμπατζι

Ο άνθρωπος από την φύση του αναζητάει την ευτυχία και την γνώση. Εξ αιτίας της άγνοιας και της προσκόλλησης στις αισθήσεις και στο σώμα νομίζει ότι θα τα βρει στον εξωτερικό κόσμο. Η φύση όμως των πραγμάτων και ο κόσμος είναι τέτοια που δεν μπορεί να φέρει στον άνθρωπο την προσδοκώμενη ευτυχία. 

Η προσκόλληση στα εξωτερικά αντικείμενα και υποκείμενα δημιουργεί τον πόνο. Τα πάντα στον εξωτερικό κόσμο διαδικάζονται σύμφωνα με  την δυαδικότητα. Όπου υπάρχει η χαρά υπάρχει και η λύπη όπου υπάρχει η απόλαυση υπάρχει και ο πόνος. Όταν κάποιος είναι ερωτευμένος και είναι μαζί με το ταίρι του είναι χαρούμενος, αν τον εγκαταλείψει τότε γίνεται δυστυχισμένος. 
Αυτός που επιθυμεί να έχει ένα ωραίο αυτοκίνητο μόλις το αποκτήσει νοιώθει ευτυχής. Αν δεν μπορεί να το αποκτήσει ή του το κλέψουν γίνεται δυστυχής.  Καμία αισθητηριακή απόλαυση δεν μπορεί να δώσει στον άνθρωπο μια διαρκή και βαθιά ευτυχία. 

Η απόλυτη μακαριότητα είναι ιδιότητα της εσωτερικής φύσης του ανθρώπου της πνευματικής του υπόστασης. Αυτή δεν υπόκειται στον χρόνο και χώρο, είναι πέρα από κάθε νοητική διαδικασία. Το Θεϊκό Είναι που βρίσκεται στα βάθη της κάθε ύπαρξης είναι η αληθινή πραγματικότητα σε κάθε άνθρωπο. Αυτό μόνο μπορεί να απελευθερώσει τον άνθρωπο από τα δεσμά της πλάνης και της ψευδαίσθησης και να του δώσει την ύψιστη μακαριότητα και την ύψιστη γνώση. 

Στην σημερινή εποχή κυριαρχεί στον άνθρωπο ο κατώτερος εαυτός, το «εγώ» και το «δικό μου» καθώς έχει απομακρυνθεί από τον Θεό και τις πνευματικές αξίες. Αυτό είναι και η αιτία μας λέει ο Σρι Μπάμπατζι που μια μεγάλη Επανάσταση (Μαχακράντι)  θα συμβεί σύντομα, και η οποία θα συνοδευτεί από μεγάλες καταστροφές, με αποτέλεσμα η γεωγραφία του πλανήτη να αλλάξει και το μεγαλύτερο μέρος του πληθυσμού να αφανιστεί. 

Να ζεις με αλήθεια απλότητα και αγάπη, υπηρετώντας την ανθρωπότητα ανιδιοτελώς (Κάρμα Γιόγκα) επαναλαμβάνοντας συνεχώς το όνομα του Θεού είναι το μήνυμα που έφερε στον κόσμο ο Σρι Μπάμπατζι για να μπορέσει ο άνθρωπος  να ξεπεράσει επιτυχώς αυτή την μεγάλη αλλαγή, και να συνειδητοποιήσει την αλήθεια (Θεό). Είπε επίσης ότι ο καθένας μπορεί να ακολουθήσει την θρησκεία που νοιώθει πιο κοντά στην καρδιά του και να επαναλαμβάνει το όνομα του Θεού στην μορφή που επίσης νοιώθει πιο πολύ στην καρδιά του.

 Μετά τον μεγάλο εξαγνισμό θα υπάρξει μια παγκόσμια κοινή κατανόηση, ένα έθνος, μια θρησκεία. Η ανθρωπότητα θα είναι μια μεγάλη οικογένεια.

Σρι Μπάμπατζι
ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ: Η αλήθεια είναι το μονοπάτι της ορθότητας το οποίο χωρίς αμφιβολία οδηγεί στην επιτυχία. Ο Θεός είναι αλήθεια και όταν λέμε την αλήθεια είμαστε κοντά στο Θεό. Ζω με αλήθεια είναι να λέω πάντα την αλήθεια με οποιοδήποτε κόστος. Αυτό που σκεπτόμαστε αυτό πρέπει να λέμε και αυτό να πράττουμε. 
Συνήθως οι άνθρωποι άλλα σκέπτονται άλλα λένε και άλλα πράττουνε. Αυτό είναι ανεντιμότητα. Το μικρό κέρδος που έχετε λέγοντας ψέματα δεν είναι διόλου κέρδος. Μολύνετε την συνείδηση σας και τον υποσυνείδητο νου σας. Η συνήθεια του να λέτε ψέματα μεταφέρεται στην επόμενη σας ζωή και υποφέρεται οδύνες από ζωή σε ζωή. 
Μην δίνεται απερίσκεπτα και βιαστικά την συγκατάθεση σας σε οποιονδήποτε και οτιδήποτε. Σκεφτείτε βαθιά στοχαστείτε, πείτε, ¨θα σκεφτώ και θα σε απαντήσω αργότερα¨, έτσι δεν θα μπλεχτείτε. Μην δίνετε υποσχέσεις αλλά πείτε ¨θα προσπαθήσω. Θα σκεφτώ αυτό το ζήτημα¨. Έτσι δεν θα μπείτε σε προβλήματα και δεν θα χρειάζεται να μετανοήσετε για τίποτε. Οτιδήποτε και να κάνετε να είστε αληθινοί προς τον εαυτό σας και στον κόσμο. Να είστε ντόμπροι, ειλικρινείς ευθείς, να λέτε άφοβα τις απόψεις σας. 
Αναζητείστε την αλήθεια με όλη σας  την δύναμη εφαρμόζοντας για αυτό το σκοπό σταθερά καθημερινά μια πνευματική πειθαρχία. Διαλογιστείτε στην αλήθεια, εμπνευστείτε από όλους αυτούς που θυσιάστηκαν για χάρη της αλήθειας. Μείνετε σταθεροί στο μονοπάτι της αλήθειας, η αλήθεια είναι το μέσο και ο τελικός σκοπός. 
Η πιο πλήρης έννοια του να ζει κάποιος με αλήθεια είναι να ζει σε αρμονία με τους συμπαντικούς νόμους και την Θέληση του Θεού. Αυτό απαιτεί να έχει πετύχει κάποιος την φώτιση, την απελευθέρωση από το εγώ και να έχει συνειδητοποιήσει την αλήθεια. 

ΑΠΛΟΤΗΤΑ: Ζούμε με απλότητα όταν χρησιμοποιούμε τα λιγότερο δυνατόν μέσα και ενέργεια για να ικανοποιήσουμε τις ανάγκες της καθημερινής ζωής. Να είμαστε απλοί σε κάθε έκφραση της ζωής, στο ντύσιμο, στο φαγητό, στα λόγια, στην σκέψη, στις πνευματικές ασκήσεις σε οτιδήποτε κάνουμε. Να αποφεύγουμε την πολυπλοκότητα με κάθε τρόπο. Όσο πιο πολύπλοκα ζούμε τόσο πιο δύσκολο είναι να βιώσουμε το θεϊκό, την ευτυχία, την γαλήνη. 
Εξαλείφοντας τις επιθυμίες, τα πάθη μας, τις αρνητικές και άσκοπες σκέψεις, γινόμαστε γαλήνιοι και χαρούμενοι και σταματάμε να ασχολούμαστε συνέχεια με την ικανοποίηση των εγωιστικών και ψεύτικων αναγκών που κάνουν την ζωή μας δύσκολη και στενάχωρη. Μας περισσεύουν έτσι ενέργεια, χρόνος και χρήματα για να υπηρετήσουμε τους συνανθρώπους μας σε ότι αυτοί έχουν ανάγκη.

ΑΓΑΠΗ: Αγάπη είναι η δύναμη που ενώνει. Αγάπη είναι η συνειδητοποίηση ότι όλοι μεταξύ μας και με το Θεό είμαστε ένα. Στο βάθος της ύπαρξης μας υπάρχει ο ίδιος Θεός , όλοι είμαστε φτιαγμένοι από τα ίδια υλικά, τότε πως μπορεί να γίνονται διαχωρισμοί οποιουδήποτε είδους μεταξύ των ανθρώπων. Μην ταυτίζεστε με την προσωρινή προσωπικότητα και τα ελαττώματα που εκδηλώνουν οι άνθρωποι, η ίδια θεϊκή ουσία διαπερνά τις καρδιές όλων των ανθρώπων, όλα τα δημιουργήματα. 
Μην θεωρείτε δικούς σας ανθρώπους μόνο τους συγγενείς και τους φίλους, όλη η ανθρωπότητα είναι μια οικογένεια. Το να  σκέφτεστε με βάση το ¨εγώ¨ και ¨το δικό μου¨ αυτό δεν είναι αγάπη δεν είναι ο πνευματικός δρόμος αυτό μας φέρνει όλα τα προβλήματα και τις δυστυχίες. Αγάπη είναι να νοιώθουμε στην καρδιά μας όλους το πλανήτες, τους ήλιους, όλα τα δημιουργήματα και ότι αυτά δεν είναι κάτι ξεχωριστό από τον εαυτό μας. 
Νοιώθοντας ότι όλοι είναι κομμάτι του εαυτού μας ή ότι όλοι αποτελούμε μια ενότητα πως μπορούμε να κάνουμε κακό ο ένας στον άλλο. Αντίθετα θα τους ευεργετούμε με όλη μας την καρδιά και με όλη μας την δύναμη. Θα τους ευεργετούμε με νου, καρδιά, δράση, χρήματα και ότι άλλο μέσο διαθέτουμε.

ΚΑΡΜΑ ΓΙΟΓΚΑ: Κάρμα γιόγκα είναι ο δρόμος της δράσης ή της υπηρεσίας μέσω της οποίας προσπαθούμε να πετύχουμε την απελευθέρωση και την ένωση με  το Θεό. Κάρμα γιόγκα είναι ανιδιοτελής υπηρεσία προς την ανθρωπότητα. Η υπηρεσία προς την ανθρωπότητα είναι υπηρεσία προς τον Θεό. Η εργασία είναι ύψιστη λατρεία προς τον Θεό. Καμία εργασία δεν είναι καταφρονητέα αρκεί να γίνεται με το σωστό πνεύμα. Θεωρείστε τον εαυτό σας ένα όργανο στα χέρια του Θεού. 
Αφιερώστε κάθε εργασία στον Θεό. Υπηρετείστε χωρίς προσδοκία για ανταπόδοση κανενός είδους, μην προσκολλάστε ούτε στην ίδια την δράση. Μείνετε αδιάφοροι στον έπαινο και στην αποδοκιμασία. Να βλέπετε το Θεό σε κάθε πρόσωπο. Υπηρετείστε για χάρη της υπηρεσίας. 
Υπηρετείστε χωρίς κανενός είδους προσκόλληση. Βάλτε όλη σας την καρδιά και την ψυχή σε ότι κάνετε, κάντε το με χαρά. Ποτέ μην σκέπτεστε ή αισθάνεστε έχω βοηθήσει αυτόν τον άνθρωπο, σκεφτείτε ότι ο Θεός σας έδωσε μια ευκαιρία για να υπηρετήσετε.  
 Καθώς εργάζεστε να είστε συγκεντρωμένοι στον Θεό. Επαναλάβατε το  όνομα του Θεού καθώς υπηρετείτε, καθώς εργάζεστε. Όταν υπηρετούμε τους άλλους με αυτό το πνεύμα, η εργασία γίνεται ύψιστη πνευματική άσκηση μας οδηγεί στην απελευθέρωση.

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