Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Be courageous and be prepared to face life as it comes

28 October 1983

"With people going their own way and conflicting with each other, it seems that a time of great crisis is very near. The world needs change from its roots upwards.

 Oh, my children! Youth of the world! Be brave and courageous and be prepared to face life as it comes, because as long as there is no fundamental "root" change in the world, there can be no improvement.

"Oh, brave youth! (It is right to call everyone 'youth' now), go from house to house, in any area, wherever you live, wherever you go, and give them this message:

"Awake! Arise! And be exalted! Make your life a success!

"Now the time is very near, there is no time to do anything else, no time to brood. Wherever you live, get organized, unite and awaken the people. Show the Path of Righteousness and Truth to all. You have to be strong and capable of facing these coming difficult times.

"Oh, youth! Remove all differences from your minds and unite like one great chain. We have to do good, not bad, for the whole world. You have to gather your courage, leave behind the fear of death to face life with hope and courage. Forget profit and loss - do not be concerned for praise or abuse - march on! You will have to walk through the blazing fire; only then can this world be saved."