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Haidakhan Babaji dijo sobre el trabajo y el karma yoga

Haidakhan Babaji dijo sobre el trabajo y el karma yoga:

 Usted debe ser diligente / perseverante / trabajador. El letargo y la pereza son malos. Un hombre ocioso es como un cadáver; sólo aquellos que trabajan duro son realmente vivo. Para participar en el trabajo es el deber de todos, ya sea rico o pobre, alto o bajo, viejo o joven, hombre o mujer. Usted no debe dudar en hacer el tipo más bajo de servicio, si es necesario. Si se prepara un hombre de alta posición para llevar a cabo cualquier servicio - incluso los más bajos de servicio que es un ejemplo para los demás.
Trabajando duro, un hombre puede alcanzar la paz dentro de sí mismo y en el mundo que le rodea. Si todo el mundo trabaja con diligencia y con amor, no habrá paz en el mundo.

Como te he dicho antes, la cosa necesaria en esta edad es el trabajo (karma). En cada pueblo Edad haber llegado la salvación a través de diferentes tipos de acción y sadhana (disciplina espiritual), pero en esta edad uno puede alcanzar la liberación sólo a través de trabajo duro.

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Christmas days in Haidakhan Vishva Mahadam

 24 DECEMBER 1981
Shastriji Speaking for Babaji
Shastriji Vishnu Datt
The message to all of you is that the most important thing in the world is humanitarianism, or humanism. For this, we should sacrifice all our effort and comfort. Do not think of yourself or your comfort, but think of others. This is the great humanitarian principle.

In any town there is always a central place; all the roads in the town or from out of town lead to that central place. Similarly, all religions lead to one point, and that is God Himself; and therefore following any religion you will ultimately reach God.
In the past, mankind and humanitarianism had always been in trouble. Today the same situation has arisen. It is therefore that God has come Himself, to give you this message of humanitarianism and to protect you through a mantra - the universal mantra of " Om Namaha Shivaya", which has been spread now throughout the world.
As you know, throughout the world there are factories of armaments that are being produced and stored to destroy mankind, or cause damage to mankind. Similarly, Bhagwan Herakhan's Vishwa Mahadham is a great factory, which has produced only one element-that is Om Namaha Shivaya. The energy of Om Namaha Shivaya shall destroy all contradictory energies of hydrogen and atom bombs and will protect you.
There are proofs in the scriptures that it was great Rishi who created the atom energy and he has said clearly that the only thing, which can conquer the atom energy, or the hydrogen energy is the Om Namaha Shivaya, mantra by itself.

Today all of you have come from different parts of the world. You are all welcomed here; furthermore, you are all congratulated for coming and having received the blessing of Bhagwan Herakhan. And also in the future, you should come here in great numbers so that the world will accept the Sanatan dharma and Om Namaha Shivaya mantra, which is the origin of Sanatan dharma.

24 DECEMBER 1982

I congratulate and bless all who have assembled here from so many countries at this auspicious time. Today is a most happy and sacred day. Here, at Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham, people belonging to many religions and faiths have assembled to celebrate, with great religiosity, the birthday of Lord Christ. Devotees and lovers of Christ have given their labour, body, mind, and soul to enhance this celebration.

This is an auspicious occasion of historical importance. Today all are blessed. Your body, mind and soul all have been purified. You have come with faith, love and devotion, as you have in past years, to celebrate the birthday of Lord Christ with great enthusiasm.

There is but one instruction to give. There should be humanity in you. People of all countries should unite with each other as brothers. All of you must be happy and healthy and appreciate the joy of life. The highest thing in the world is karma - hard work. Idleness makes man lifeless.

Spread this message in your country-spread the light of righteousness to the hearts of others. Let the seed of human love and humanity, which is in you, flower and be fruitful. Organized powers are always stronger than individual ones. Let the message of this organization be spread in the whole world. The Vedas proclaim-"grow wise and learn; awake your countrymen."

Remove hatred and jealousy from the heart. The same thing has been repeatedly written in the Bible and spoken through Christ. Where there is jealousy and hatred, there is no religion. If there had been humanity in people, there would have been no necessity of making atom bombs. Years before, people would have left fighting weapons.

All of you have sacrificed your body, mind and soul in increasing the beauty of Herakhan. In the making, in working here, all of you have invested your energy and have worked so hard and this Vishwa Mahadham is your soul. The structure of this place is now in all of you. You are responsible for the structure.

May all of you be happy. Live together and live peacefully. The divine message from the great rishis of olden times has not been successful up to this time. In the Treta Yuga, there was the incarnation of Shri Ram and in Dwapara Yuga, there was the incarnation of Shri Krishna. Even after the great war of Mahabharata, the unrighteous were prevailing and innocent people were molested. So the blessings of great rishis-that all people be happy-was not fulfilled, even in those times. But in taking the OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA mantra as a base, we have great hope that people from so many countries who have come here will go back and that the holy vibration will go with them, and everywhere them will be peace.

26 DECEMBER 1982

I am happy to see you here and bless you and congratulate you for coming and organizing and making this celebration so successful. The seeds of righteousness have been sown in your hearts for you to kindle the hearts of others. I seek the general good of all people in the world. You must do all work to perfect humanity. By saving humanity, everyone will be saved.

Individual leaders have spread poison throughout the world. I want this poison removed. Learn to love your religion and consider yourself a solider of your country. Feel this in your heart. You must work to elevate humanity and eradicate pride, jealousy and hatred. Today humanity is in great danger and there exists no security of person or wealth. This problem is not of one nation but of the whole universe. Unite in an organization to achieve power by gaining the goodwill of the majority of the people at present.

Unite in love to elevate yourselves. Each one of you must vow today to sacrifice everything to obtain oneness with yourself. Be rid of attachment in your heart and be ready for the sake of righteousness to jump into the flames and water of life. Be prepared to bum your very bones, if necessary to secure the public good and righteousness.

Time and again you are told that idleness is like death and will destroy you. An idle man is a burden to this earth, so each of you must work hard. Spend your time in working. Work is life. Work is worship. A man who spends his time in idleness is like a dead man. The time is coming when you will have to be working to be saved.

In this world, change is going on every minute. What we feel or do in this moment will be changed in the next. The time will come when there will be big cities where there was sea and sea where there were cities. You are intelligent and know these things, so there is no need to tell you more about it.
Karma yoga is the highest religious practice of this time and will liberate you. The scriptures declare that at the end of each Yuga only Karma Yoga will help you.

Lord Ram incarnated and there was a war between Ram and Ravana that took 14 days. In Krishna's incarnation, there was war for 18 days. In this Yuga, the destruction will come within the flicker of an eye. This destruction will be such that those sleeping will be left sleeping; those standing will be left standing. The whole world will be transformed like this. In this destruction everything will finish; nothing will remain the same. You should therefore leave your attachment to the world. Only repetition of God's name will be useful for you; otherwise, it is hopeless. God's names are more powerful than a thousand atomic and hydrogen bombs. Help yourself by repeating the Lord's name.
All of you know that God's name is the highest thing. Why do you attach your minds to the transitory things in this world? Why do you not spend your time in meditation and in repeating the Lord's name? Attach yourself to God. Be brave and always walk on. There will be many mountains to cross, but do not stop until the goal is reached. Be strong and never feel disheartened.

24 DECEMBER 1983

During Evening Darshan

I request all of you not to miss the golden opportunity of this beautiful and significant day. This day comes only once in a year.

Many people will come, many people will go, many will be born and many die on this day. The world is a place where people are always coming and going. It is definite that sooner or later everything will perish and crumble. Everyone knows that some day everyone has to leave this world. So you must make the best use of this holy day, which comes only once a year. It is possible that whatever you have been unable to achieve in your whole life, you might achieve in this one Day. For that reason you can do bhajan, kirtan, fasting, silence, penance, and meditation of any kind.

From to night at twelve to noon at Christmas Day, no evil spirits will come. For twelve hours these evil spirits and ghosts will leave the planet Earth. During these twelve hours Christ will come and go to many places where Christmas is being celebrated. Somewhere He will stay for one minute somewhere one second, somewhere one hour. He will be moving quickly through those twelve hours.
In those twelve hours, all your wishes will be fulfilled. There are few days, which have been fixed for such things, when all the bad spirits are made to leave. On these days people can achieve liberation and attain what they wish.

I am very happy to see your faith and devotion at this time and I give you My best wishes and blessings for the future. Today is a very beautiful Day. You are the most fortunate ones in this whole world.

There was a time when everyone used to. go to Rome to celebrate this festival; today you have made Rome here.


extract from the book 

Haidhakan Vishva Mahadham \ Christmas 1983

Haidhakan Vishva Mahadham \ Christmas 1983

excpert from Raghuvir`s narration about Christmas with Babaji

Christmas 1983 was the most marvellous Christmas with Babaji in Herakhan . Babaji was already celebrating it for several years in a big way with a Christmas play, Christian singing, gifts and food for the poor villagers etc. Many of the spiritual seekers who made it to Babaji’s lotus feet had a Christian upbringing so with Babaji embracing it all it created a wonderful sensation of Divine harmony in heart and mind particularly for the westerners. At a certain point Babaji started a speech on Christmas evening saying " Jezus made only one mistake”. There was a total shock and for many even breathing stopped, was this the end of this wonderful harmony ??? Babaji continued saying : "He took birth in the middle of the cold season and now we are celebrating this glorious fact in these challenging circumstances”, laughter and sighs of relieve could be heard as everybody could relate to that.

Babaji ended the evening on that Christmas by promising that anybody who will be meditating with open heart on Christmas night, the Christ will come !
I believe it is still valid in 2015.

Merry Christmass to You !

*** Jezus Christ ki Jai ! ***

*** Bhole Baba ki Jai ! ***

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Failures are opportunities to grow up spiritually / Atman Nityananda

Failures are opportunities to grow up spiritually

It doesn't matter how many failures we have, in our efforts to eliminate the egoic tendencies and succeed in meditation, we are going to succeed if we will so, there is no doubt about this.

When there is a failure do not lose your time and energy complaining or doubting your self. Failures and difficulties give us the opportunity to develop our mental and emotional capacities and discover our defects and free ourselves from them.

Instead of complaining find out what caused the failure and what you can do in order to overcome the inner weaknesses and the external difficulties.

Be always constructive, inventive and courageous. Find new ways or utilize appropriately what you already know.

Be a dynamo of spiritual strength, a worker of light and a servant of God.

It is bound to succeed!

My beloved master said this wonderfully:

Be original. Be inventive.

Be courageous. Take courage again and again.

Do not imitate. Be strong. Be upright.

Think with your own head. Be yourself.

All perfection and every divine virtue are hidden within you - reveal them to the world.

Wisdom, too, is already within you - let it shine forth.

Let the Lord's Grace set you free.

~ Haidhakan Babaji!  - 1984

Babaji's last message