Saturday, 9 July 2016

karma yoga - yoga of action and the Great Revolution

August 83

"Babaji often speaks in public, talking about karma yoga - yoga of action, working selflessly for the Divine. He says that we live in an era of action, of revolution and destruction (Kali Yuga), a time of great trial for the whole of civilization.It is no longer possible to remain aloof, abstain and be passive, because now we have to take part in the Great Revolution (Maha Kranti) and global change. He expressed certainty that it is not only a spiritual but also a political global revolution. 
He says that the great spiritual revolution will be preceeded by numerous wars and Natural Disasters occurring around the world, and we need to be strong. He offers a comprehensive yoga, emphasizing that even yogis and yoginis to become spiritual warriors and fight for the Truth. 
The New Age Coming, a new spiritual era, however, the transition from old to new will not be without conflict and destruction, and we must prepare for it.

For me, His words are like nectar. Since my childhood I believed in world revolution and change for the good of humanity, an ideal. And these views in the first place led me here, to India, to search for answers."

Jai Mahamaya ki jai!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

PINDA KACHA SABDA SACHA - The body is perishable, the word is eternal" - Babaji

PINDA KACHA SABDA SACHA - The body is perishable, the word is eternal" - Babaji

"Have you become dependent on Babaji´s physical form? What will you do when He leaves His body?" a wise man asked me in Delhi. And to my Indian companion he said, "Don´t go looking here and there, look to yourself. Only within yourself can God be found. Concentrate on the immortal and hold it always before your mind´s eye."

Was I dependent on Babaji´s human form? Well, yes and no. Those of us living abroad couldn´t very well run to Him with every problem, like the devotees living closer to Him could. We were forced to look inside for the answers. Babaji helps us to find the inner master, to raise our consciousness and to strengthen our discriminative powers. When someone clung on to Him they were sent away to find their self-worth in the world and to fulfil their duties and work.

I desired His physical presence nevertheless, for it was instantly so uplifting. With Him I became a free child again - one that could be educated and guided. He knew every flutter of my heart and taught me love and trust. He could read me like a book and this made me know I was totally accepted, with no part excluded or falsely included.

Today Babaji said: " One day My body will dry up. It has no meaning of itself and is only there to serve and help humanity. All beings, animals, flowers, birds and stones, have a form given them by God so that they can fulfil a function in the world. The only reason My body has been created is to fulfil the function of serving all beings, human and other."

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