Monday, 26 December 2016

Remove the feelings of "I-ness" and "my-ness" and work in unity

29 October 1983

Shri Babaji again spoke through Shastriji, whispering each sentence into Shastriji's ear.

Highest Brahmarshi, Blessed One (speaking of and to the Governor of Uttar Pradesh), we give all good wishes to you during your stay here. As the great learned and respected Bhishma Pitamaha showed to the people in the Dwapara Yuga the correct path to Truth and Righteousness, so His Excellency, the respected Governor, is showing the correct way of life to the people of this Age. We all have this high expectation of him. We have a very high place for him in our hearts. We hope that he will guide us, time and again, like Bhishma Pitamaha.

Truth, Simplicity and Love are like a Triveni (a triveni is the joining place of three rivers). The way to success is to join Karma Yoga to this Triveni. Shri Mahaprabhuji is encouraging us to follow the path of Karma Yoga which is the only way to fulfill our wishes in this and future lives.

Shri Mahaprabhuji wants the creation of very brave and courageous people in the world. If, with full faith and devotion to God and with a firm determination, people follow the Path of Truth, Simplicity and Love with Karma Yoga, they will reach their goal. When the whole world is burning with the fire of sins and sorrows and the flames are about to swallow the world, this is the only way by which humanity can be saved. Only he who has firm determination will survive this destruction. That is why great Rishis have proclaimed: "Awake! Arise! Go to the wise and learn from them!"

There is no place for fear; people must work fearlessly in the world. Maharshi Markandeya has said that we must be fearless: when a man is fearless, no man can stand against him in battle - either a battle in material life or in spiritual life. He is victorious in all the battles of life.

Now Babaji is suggesting another point - that we must annihilate the feelings of "I-ness" and "my-ness" from our minds. You must march forward like a soldier, dutifully and bravely. The thing which brings man down is "attachment" to his own kith and kin. When you all belong to this whole universe, where is the place for "I" and "mine?" We must unite as one universal family and march forward in unity. By this means only will the world be benefitted. This is not the concern of one individual but that of the whole universe. The only true man is one who practices "humanism." Every man must cultivate the qualities of "humanity" - this is the only way to success in life. To teach us this way of "humanity" or "humanism," Sadgurudev Shri Babaji has appeared here. "Humanity" will not be elevated by lecturing and talking but we must awaken the spirit of humanism in all of mankind.

Everyone must remove the differences between themselves and others and work in the world in unity; otherwise the disorder which is spreading in the world will go on increasing and there well be no cure for it. There is only one way for mankind to be saved and that is by changing the hearts of all people. Shri Mahaprabhuji will give His full spiritual power to this, but every man and woman will also have to make their best efforts toward this end. As long as there is no change of heart, humanity is in great danger.


Thursday, 22 December 2016

Badrinath Yatra

In the summer of 1982 Babaji took His devotees on a trip to Badrinath. This is a very old holy site high up in the Himalaya. The Pandava’s were already here thousands of years back and probably also because it was already a holy power place back then. One of the 4 Shankar Acharya’s is residing here permanently. Pilgrims come from all over India since day in memoriam to take darshan, bring their prayers and take a sacred bath.

The water in the river is flowing fast and is ice-cold. Strong chains on the banks to hold on to so one does not get swept away by the force of the river.

There are also warm water sources coming from deep inside the earth, many at boiling temperatures. Both hot and cold are far outside the comfort zone. One place is made of old carved stones into a covered sacred bathing “temple”. Babaji with devotees was given permission to take bath there. Early early the temperatures where a little more bearable there and entering slowly slowly it was possible. Soft chanting of Om Namaha Shivay in the poorly lit place created a magical atmosphere. Babaji climbed on the shoulders of 2 devotees who walked Him around in this 5/8 meter structure while Babaji scooped up the water and blessed His devotees present. The sacredness of this moment as I experienced it there in the early morning with harmonic chanting will forever stay with me.

A little later that morning we went for darshan in the temple. There were no particular puja’s organised by Muniraj or anybody else that I can recall. We just came for darshan and walked around in that beautiful old temple structure. In a large niche, behind a large glass window the Shankar Acharya had his office so that people visiting the temple could have darshan of him. He seemed very busy and never looked up from his desk. The entrance to the temple holds a very large bell.

In the book from Age to Age by Shri Vishnu Datt sastri’s brother, Giridhar Lal Mishra there is a nice story about Munindra Maharaj ( Old Haidhakhan Baba ) was laughing loudly by the side of the road as a captain of the army was just passing. This man took offence and asked Him why he was laughing. Babaji told him that the bell of Badrinath had fallen down and they were having trouble putting it back up. That lawyer did not believe Him and told Him he would find out the truth and if He was lying he would severely punish Him. When he reached Kathgodam the next day and made some telex he found out that they where still trying to put the bell back up. The lawyer went to look for Babaji but it took him several day to find him. He remained a devotee for the rest of his life.

This same bell is still hanging in the arch of the entrance and after that darshan we all collected there for a “family” picture in the arch and on the steps leading up to it. In this joyous moment Pujari from Holland climbed onto the wall trying to ring the bell but while leaning over his foot slipped and ended up dangling from the bell. An hilarious moment but I have never seen any of those family pictures…..

We started to walk back across the bridge to the village. Babaji wrapped His arm around me and I was was the happiest boy in the world on that moment. So happy that I did not see a substantial bold sticking out of the surface of the bridge. In full swing my little toe encountered that obstacle. Strong sensations of pain and discomfort raced up my leg. The joy of the moment was so great that I just ignored my foot screaming at me. Just a few seconds later voices from behind asked Babaji to stop. The Shankar Acharya came with accelerated pace to make pranaam and take darshan of Babaji. Some of his attendants had told him that Babaji came and went to the temple. I actually did not know much of the significance of this moment but could see on the faces of particularly the Indian devotees that something big was happening. Babaji made gestures of blessings and exchanged a few kind words with him. I could not longer resist looking down at my foot. My toe was completely split at the front and the blood was mixing generously with the dust of the road. We continued our walk but the embrace was over and the limping started, but the bliss was for that moment still prevailing over the strong sensations. From my arrival in Herakhan about a year earlier I had continuous problems with my foot. Stubbing, stepping in nails, burning them, dropping things on top etc. But this incident was the last one of a long line……

In the afternoon we walked outside of the village. Babaji took some pictures with my camera holding it in strange positions towards the mountains. I have never been able to detect anything particular on those pictures. At a certain point Babaji and Yogamal ( owner of Kailash view hotel ) and myself were standing a bit separate from everybody. Babaji was staring at a mountain range in the distance. I was trying to see what He was looking at but it was very far and saw nothing in particular. Babaji murmured something in Hindi like if He spoke to Himself. I asked Yogamal what he said and he answered with a puzzled face ; Babaji said that He was in a cave there for 10.000 years. I stared back in the direction but started to realise that my reason and logic was scattered. 10.000 years was completely beyond my comprehension. As Lord Shiva 10.000 years is probably not so much. He did not seem to try to impress anybody but more something like remembering the good old days…..But this moment really stunned me and I recall it dearly since 35 years now.

Getting stunned was not so unusual around Babaji, He was the best at it !
Our mind loves to rationalise, explain and put all experiences in concepts where we can give it a place somewhere in the known world of our minds. Cracks to appear in this dense world of thoughts and then a little Divine light shines in. Not being around His physical presence we need to recognise these moments of awe where the mind stops ourselves. Awareness will help, the is prasaad from the Divine ! We may have lots of knowledge of the Veda’s or Sadhana or what ever information in our mind about the Divine but the only way to know is to experience it !

How to experience has created many schools, religions, theories, books and techniques.
Babaji has given us simple clear guidelines to follow.
Simple does not mean easy………work needs to be done !
Be inspired !


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA and you can defy death

"... At present, demonic influences have engulfed men. Man will fight and devour men and they will destroy each other. First, destruction will take place, then a lull and then peace will prevail. Some of the countries will be completely destroyed.

Prayer will be the only safeguard and saviors against destruction.

 Forget past and future, abolish all other thoughts, but pray with total concentration of mind and soul and have full faith in God.

 Chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA and you can defy death. Have no thought about your life and death. No evil influence will ever come near you if you pray with purity of heart and mind and with all faith and concentration."


27 March 1983 - During Evening Darshan

"... Many times before I have told you that you must be very alert and observe the rules of the ashram. The life of the ashram must be guided by alertness and attention. I do not like careless people. It is your duty to bring alertness, promptness, and attentiveness into your lives.

"I want to root out the seed of laziness in the world. Everyone should be hard working. Those of you who are old must come to kirtan. Everyone must take part in the ashram activities according to their capacities. Firstly I give you karma yoga. You can advance only through karma yoga, by karma yoga you may benefit others also. A lazy person cannot do karma and is like a dead person. Give great importance to karma yoga and proceed. When laziness is rooted out from this world, all the world's sorrows and troubles will come to an end. Only hard work can make a person powerful and energetic.

"Karma is of first and foremost importance in your life. Many times I have told you that only through karma yoga will I give you liberation. In this age it is the only type of yoga one can do, it is the only way to realization and progress.

"You must awaken others and make them arise and be alert. If you are always alert, this will be of great benefit to you. You will achieve happiness and you will be saved from the calamities which are coming very soon.


Be courageous and be prepared to face life as it comes

28 October 1983

"With people going their own way and conflicting with each other, it seems that a time of great crisis is very near. The world needs change from its roots upwards.

 Oh, my children! Youth of the world! Be brave and courageous and be prepared to face life as it comes, because as long as there is no fundamental "root" change in the world, there can be no improvement.

"Oh, brave youth! (It is right to call everyone 'youth' now), go from house to house, in any area, wherever you live, wherever you go, and give them this message:

"Awake! Arise! And be exalted! Make your life a success!

"Now the time is very near, there is no time to do anything else, no time to brood. Wherever you live, get organized, unite and awaken the people. Show the Path of Righteousness and Truth to all. You have to be strong and capable of facing these coming difficult times.

"Oh, youth! Remove all differences from your minds and unite like one great chain. We have to do good, not bad, for the whole world. You have to gather your courage, leave behind the fear of death to face life with hope and courage. Forget profit and loss - do not be concerned for praise or abuse - march on! You will have to walk through the blazing fire; only then can this world be saved."

Monday, 12 December 2016

Only he who has courage is a true living being

31 January 1984

"You must all have a firm determination. Even if total destruction comes or any great calamity comes, you must not be shaken from your determination. If there is a great flood, if fire breaks out - in any calamity - you must be so brave and determined that you would jump into fire or water. You must inspire others also to become brave and courageous. Only he who has courage is a true living being. One who has no courage is like a dead man, even though he lives. We have tightened our belts and taken a firm determination to do good to the world and uplift humanity. You must stick to this resolve with your full energy.

"Calamities will fall not just on one country but on the whole universe; the whole universe is in danger. The terrible times which are approaching will engulf the whole world; the whole universe will be enveloped in this destruction. We must consider not only ourselves but also the whole of the universe. We can achieve anything in this world when we are hard working and industrious.

"Because you must consider the whole universe, we should say 'Jai Vishwa!' instead of 'Jai Hindi!'
'Jai Hind' means 'Victory to India' -
'Jai Vishwa!' means 'Victory to the whole Universe!'"