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"The messenger of revolution has come!"

6 August 1983

"I think the great revolution is very near. Be prepared for it, leaving behind the fear of death and the hope of life. I think it is necessary now that there is a great revolution because without such a revolution there can be no peace. In all epochs it has been like that - only after bloodshed peace was obtained. At the battle of Kurukshetra*, for example, there was great bloodshed.

"Be ready, everyone of you! Wherever you are, spread this message and tell people to be alert and ready for the great revolution coming now.

"The messenger of revolution has come!"

26 JULY 1979 (Herakhan)

The change of the present, which is full of turmoil, will be brought about by bloody revolution. Peace will return only after the revolution reaches its zenith.

In the aftermath of the revolution-which will be total; no country will be spared big or small-some countries will be totally erased, leaving no sign of their existence.

In some 3% to 5% and up to maximum of 25% of the population will be spared and will survive.
Earthquakes, floods, accidents, collisions and wars will bring about the destruction.

The destructive elements, which were kept in cheek by Sri Babaji, have been released to do their worst.

Those who pray to their chosen divinity will not be affected.

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The dhuni is one of the wonders of the world!

The dhuni in Haidakhan Vishva Mahadham

 10 AUGUST 1983

The dhuni in Haidakhan Vishva Mahadham
The dhuni down below has living consciousness. In the name of Lord Rama (Rama Ji Ki Nain), the Divine Light is always present in the dhuni. For the sake of Lord Rama (Ram Ji Ki Tein) (Babaji began almost all statements with either of two phrases which he used like mantras.) everyone should attend Aarati there and do meditation. In the name of Lord Rama, during the night of 16th August there will be all-night vigil and kirtan and 108 candies will be lit for the opening ceremony. In the name of Lord Rama, on the morning of 17th there will be a havan ceremony. In the name of Lord Rama, everyone should always be sincere and attentive to do bhajan and satsang for the attainment of spiritual knowledge and do other spiritual practices at the dhuni.

The dhuni is one of the wonders of the world!
The fire in dhuni
You may see many types of dhunis in the world, such as parsi dhunis, but nowhere else will you find an eight - sided dhuni. The eight sides symbolize the eight arms of Jagadamba, the Universal Mother. As long as there is creation, the dhuni will be there with living consciousness. 

A boon has been given to this dhuni-that whosoever comes to have its darshan, whosoever meditates and does puja there, will be relieved of all ailments, whether physical, mental or spiritual. For the sake of Lord Rama anyone suffering from whatever disease, if he takes vibhuti (sacred ashes) from the dhuni and sits regularly for meditation and concentration, will be relieved from all his chronic diseases.
Mountain Kailash in Haidkhan
In the name of Lord Rama, Rishi-Gautama came first to this place where the dhuni is now. This is why the river bears his name. Vasishta (the guru of Lord Rama - one of the seven rishis from the beginning of creation - and writer of many sacred scriptures) also came here. The
Kailash you see before you is the main Kailash. Lord Rama also came here. Now, after thousands of years of creation, this place is in its most degenerated state. There was a time when there were no hills, no earth here. But, in the name of Lord Rama, now there are both earth and hills. In the name of Lord Rama, even the sea was here. When Lord Rama came with the Rishi Vishwamitra to visit Rishi Gautima's ashram, He drank from the spring by the dhuni now called 'Ram Dhara'. For the sake of Lord Rama, goddess Durga with eight arms also came here to bless Rama. This is the place of eight - armed Durga - this is why the dhuni has eight sides.

Babaji's poto in Dhuni

"Attach to the real, to the higher Self.

"There are those who, like sheep, follow blindly, and there are those like the fox, who lead by deceit and cunning. Both shall live within the confines of the lower self moving from one moment of despair and misery to the next, with empty lives of superficial existence. 

"My message is simple: to elevate humans to live in the higher path by practicing Truth, Simplicity and Love. This is the way to happiness. This is the path through the Great Fire. Change is the Law of Nature. I have foretold you of great changes, of the quickening, which engulfs your life and the lives of many. Change will be very difficult for those attached to the unreal, relentlessly spinning around the wheel of Maya.

"Attach to the real, to the higher Self. What is the real? Just ask your heart. Change is quickening. And this is just the beginning. Understand? Time and space become very warped in this era causing immense changes. This is the Great Revolution that I have foretold. This is the Great Fire of which I speak. 

"Listen to your heart. Lift yourself up from the misery and despair of the lower path. Few of the blind sheep and cunning fox will understand. My message is simple. 


"I am no thing.
"I am no one
"Om Namah Shivaya

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July 28, 1979
"... At present, demonic influences have engulfed men. Man will fight and devour men and they will destroy each other. First, destruction will take place, then a lull and then peace will prevail. Some of the countries will be completely destroyed. Prayer will be the only safeguard and saviors against destruction. 
Forget past and future, abolish all other thoughts, but pray with total concentration of mind and soul and have full faith in God. Chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA (Lord Thy Will Be Done; I surrender/bow to Shiva) and you can defy death. Have no thought about your life and death. No evil influence will ever come near you if you pray with purity of heart and mind and with all faith and concentration."
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Yoga is to be courageous

14 March 1980
... "See the ant. How small is the ant, yet how big a load she carries. You should not be dejected or disheartened. If we want; we can blow the whole of this mountain if we all want; if we have Will. Don't lose your hearts in this small Work. When you lose your heart, when you lose courage - this is death. Don't lose courage. You can move the mountain.
"Yoga is to be courageous. To get dejected or to lose courage is not yoga. You must understand what Bhole Baba says. We have to be prepared for anything, at any time. We must train ourselves for every kind of work." ...

31 January 1984
"You must all have a firm determination. Even if total destruction comes or any great calamity comes, you must not be shaken from your determination. If there is a great flood, if fire breaks out - in any calamity - you must be so brave and determined that you would jump into fire or water. You must inspire others also to become brave and courageous. Only he who has courage is a true living being. One who has no courage is like a dead man, even though he lives. We have tightened our belts and taken a firm determination to do good to the world and uplift humanity. You must stick to this resolve with your full energy.
"Calamities will fall not just on one country but on the whole universe; the whole universe is in danger. The terrible times which are approaching will engulf the whole world; the whole universe will be enveloped in this destruction. We must consider not only ourselves but also the whole of the universe. We can achieve anything in this world when we are hard working and industrious.

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Three years after Ganga Ram passed away (9.1.2012)

Dedicated to our beloved sister Ganga Ram who left the physical body on 9.1.2012
May love and light be with you always dear sister
and may we all follow your example of total dedication to the Divine.


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