Thursday, 10 November 2016


24 May 1983

"Our main aim is that there be universal peace. How can we obtain this peace? We can achieve this by eliminating all differences between caste and creed, by eliminating all inhumanity among us. There must be only one caste and one creed - humanity. Become human.

"The only religion is humanity. There must be tolerance and forgiveness. It is our duty to set an example for this. Everyone must be human. Everyone must be courageous, facing the difficulties of life with... bravery. Save yourselves and others from the adharma (lawlessness) of the world. Cowardly people are like dead people. I want to create a world of brave people who face life as it comes. We want to save the victims of atrocities and bring them out of their troubles. We want to bring peace not only to one country but to the whole world - our aim is universal peace.

"All of you must take a vow to go from house to house, from place to place, and help the needy. You have to root out the inaction which is destroying man. Inaction and idleness are the chief obstacles to man's progress. If you learn right action, you can do anything. Action is mahayoga - the highest yoga. you should progress through action. The political leaders of all countries preach inaction through strikes. You should have nothing to do with this. Man is meant for action.