Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Divine Transformation by Repeating Gods Holy Name

Teachings of Lord Haidakhandi Babaji ॐ
April 4, 1982
Shri Mahaprabhuji (Babaji) has the 'holy thought' that the revolution (kranti) must be done peacefully. Babaji has come to change the world--not by fighting or with weapons and armaments. He transforms by changing the hearts of people through a simple method--Repetition of God's Holy Name. The Vibrations of the Name will change the world.

22 JANUARY 1983
This Om Namaha Shivaya is like nectar; 'feed everyone' with this nectar. Shri Mahaprabhuji wishes that all words would disappear from this world, except for three - Om Namaha Shivaya. This is the original mantra. When Primordial Energy first appeared, the First Mantra that She uttered from Her holy mouth was Om Namaha Shivaya.
(Mahaprabhuji means Great Lord... ॐ
Bhole Baba means Simple Father)