Friday, 12 August 2016


Om  nama Shivay
Babaji Guided Me in a Deep Meditation. With my eyes closed, I sat bolt upright and Experienced how my hands performed very Precise Mudras, which Activated Energy throughout my entire body, and at the same time, this 'set free' Deep Knowledge within me.

With My Breathing Consciousness I went through the middle of my forehead up to the Crown Chakra and Experienced, on the way, that there 'Exist within,' exits to various Divine Worlds in the Form of Numbers.

Moving Up My Forehead Consciously, I intensively Experienced the Christ Energy. The Portals to these Magnificent Realms expressed themselves as the Numbers from 70 to 90. The Crown Chakra had the Number 100 as the Portal to the Infinite.

There were Also yet Higher Levels that amazingly were not reached by rising yet higher, but by voluntarily descending again. But this time the way was not via the forehead, but down the back of the head. As easy as I had found it to ascend through the forehead, so, inversely, I found it strenuous to descend through the back of the head.

From One Level it led to the next, through the portals from 101, 102 to 103, to 104. Each time it required an inner stepping back, a kind of ability to 'renounce' that enabled entry into the next level. This Inner Path led from the back of the head down to the base of the skull. It needed my 'complete inner strength' of Conscious Mudras in order to move further down. I reached level 107 only with the greatest of effort.

I was Then at the end of my strength and asked : How do I get to 108?

Then I Saw the Mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAY Spread over the World like the finest icing sugar from the highest to the lowest level, and saw also that Everyone who Repeats the Name of God with Devotion, for instance in the Form OM NAMAH SHIVAY, is Immediately in the Highest Level. That means that every ordinary person who ploughs the earth lovingly in the Name of God is already in the Supreme.

What a Teaching!

How Deep Must God’s Love Be that he makes it So Simple. In this way it was Shown to Me that the Highest Divine Region cannot be Reached by one’s own efforts but Only through the Repetition of God’s Name.

~ From Book: Encounters with Babaji by Renata Caddy

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