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Haidiyakhandi Yoga Taught by Lord Babaji to Shastriji - ॐ (Part 3)

Lord Haidakhandi Babaji and Shastriji
 Haidiyakhandi Yoga Taught by Lord Babaji to Shastriji - ॐ (Part 3)
Sri Shastriji at Siddhashram Schweibenalp, May 8, 1985

And when Sri Mahaprabhuji (Lord Haidakhandi Babaji) told me that He could tell me the Secrets of the Mantra "Haidiyakhandi" immediately, I was reminded of what had happened with Mahendra Maharaji years ago, when he had told me that, when Sri Mahaprabhuji appears, He himself will tell you the 'real meaning' of Haidiyakhandi.

And while explaining the meaning of this Great Name, Prabhuji (Babaji) told me that, when the actions of Yoga start in the body, they start First in the Muladhara Chakra (root chakra), from below. But this "Haidiyakhandi Yoga" is a very special Yoga which starts from the Sahasrara Chakra (crown chakra), from the top. And one by one, from above downwards, it will pierce all the chakras.

When I further questioned Him to explain to me more precisely, Sri Mahaprabhuji told me that there are Five syllables in "Hai-di-ya-khan-di." In the Sanskrit alphabet, each letter has a particular place in the body. Hai has a place in the throat. According to the rules of grammar, ai is mixed in Hai and pronounced from the talu (the throat). Each of the Five syllables has a letter both pronounced from the throat and belonging to the topmost chakra, so that in reciting these Five syllables constantly, one travels 'only in the uppermost chakras', purifying them.

This 'Haidiyakhandi Yoga', which gives everything to a human being who follows it, is a Yoga between Throat and Crown Chakra and has no connection with any of the lower parts of the body. It rules all the chakras from the sahasrara, from the top.

By constantly chanting the mantra Haidiyakhandi 'all the chakras' of a human being are pierced, and he/she becomes the owner of all the Siddhis (the great powers), which are known as the Ashta Siddhis (the eight divine powers) and the Nau Nidhis (the ninefold divine blessings). This is one of the 'most important points' of this Yoga which Mahaprabhuji showed to us.
(Continued in Part 4)
Photo: Lord Haidakhandi Babaji and Shastriji (Babaji's High Priest)

Bhole Baba Ki Jai! ॐ