Thursday, 5 October 2017

One Universal Family

👪 One Universal Family 👪
~ 'The Teachings of Babaji'

"Everyone should forget nationality; we are one here. This is a universal family. Have no idea of separation of identity; discard feelings of separateness. Serve the people with mind, body, wealth, brain"
- Dec. 16, 1981
"I do not recognize castes and races. I behold only one humanity. I am working for mankind while here"
- June 21, 1982

"Shri Babaji teaches us about the unity of creation. We are all made from the five elements; we are all of one spirit. In all respects, we are one humanity, one human family. Limitations arise from political beliefs and world leaders who mold thinking to time, place and culture, thereby creating differences and separateness. The birthright of all mankind is to love and follow God. Limitations arise from erroneous human beliefs. Shri Babaji has appeared to illumine the minds and hearts of mankind, so that unity and harmony may be known to all.
- Oct. 30, 1982