Monday, 20 March 2017

The Power of the Silence' ~ Gaura Devi

"The Power of Silence" ॐ

Long mornings with Baba, meditating near Him with my eyes open concentrating on the empty space in full awareness.These days the 'white light' that I usually see, is being transformed into a golden color that is quite intense and I hear a subtle sound within me, a constant companion, an all pervading melody; if sometimes Babaji speaks He almost breaks the enchantment.

Every Guru, every scripture and every true master teaches that the 'silence of the mind' is the ultimate goal of our search for the Divine. Shri Babaji has spent most of His time in silence with devotees, with the exception of a few practical instructions for the work and oral teachings data only when it was necessary.

Yet, in His 'Silent Presence' we felt and we received a strong power and a clear energy awareness.

The emptiness and immobility of the mind of the Guru that attracts disciples, allowing our minds without peace, to stop a bit and focus on God is 'the Power of the Silence' that forces us to sit at the Sacred Feet of the Master. Often we do not notice this clearly. "
From the book, "Fire of Transformation, My Life With Babaji."  ~  Gaura Devi