Sunday, 26 March 2017



 10 November 1983

"The fact is that your daily routine work from morning till night is the real Kriya Yoga. The union of morning and evening (that is, the work of your whole day) is the real Kriya Yoga.

"The union of that work which is started in the morning and finished in the evening is real Kriya Yoga. I don't want to brainwash people; they have already been brain-washed! Those who are doing the brain-washing themselves do not understand the meaning of Kriya and Yoga (union). There is nothing like Kriya Yoga. There is nothing in this world that is not Kriya Yoga. Perfection in work is the real Kriya Yoga. Every action in this world, including eating and drinking, is Kriya Yoga. The digestive process in your body is Kriya. The process of uniting any two or more things is Kriya Yoga. "The people of the world are being confused by others. Doing your own duty perfectly, ADVANCE! GO FORWARD! That is Kriya Yoga, that is Karma Yoga - by this means only can you make progress. Perfection in work is Kriya Yoga.

"All the scientists now thriving in this world are Kriya Yogis. Concentrated and meditative people are all Kriya Yogis. There is no such separate thing as Kriya Yoga. People have been misled - thousands and millions of people have been ensnared in this trap. Only that is Kriya which brings peace and happiness and all kinds of benefits to people. To do good actions is Kriya Yoga. Worship (Puja) is also Kriya Yoga, worship of any deity is Kriya Yoga.

"You must all do service to humanity, THAT is Kriya Yoga. The times now demand this of you in this world. In every way, in every manner possible, do good to others and make them happy - that is Kriya Yoga. To each individual and to every country, provide what they lack."