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Babaji meditating


Whenever Baba sat in meditation in the cave, a brilliant beam of light would issue forth from the temple high on the hill and shine down over Baba´s head. At other times, such rays would also shoot out of Baba´s eyes and strike the Shivalingam inside the cave. These phenomena , incidentally, were not witnessed by me alone.

There are a number of people still alive today in the village who also saw them and can testify to the truth of these experiences.

On the cold and dark winter mornings in December (1970) Baba would bathe at about 4 am and stay an hour in the water. A ray of light, which had to be supernatural, would appear and shine its reflection on the water. I know because I used to sit nearby at the river´s edge and watch it every morning.

Once I accompanied Babaji on a climb up mount Siddeshwar, which is about four and a half kilometers east of Haidakhan and we spent the night on the mountain.

Mount Siddeshwar

Soon Baba became absorbed in dhyan (meditation) and seemed to go deeper and deeper (samadhi). The most exquisite light began to effuse from his body and caused it to glow. The sight of divine effulgence struck me so deeply, that I trembled with awe and wonder.

When I first met Baba, he called me by my name which took me by complete surprise. I asked him: "Lord, how is it you know my name?"
And he replied: "Your father was a great devotee of mine; you were not even born then." He went on to describe our house, the kinds of trees surrounding it, the types of crops growing in the field, as it was when my father was still alive. I later told my mother about all this and she confirmed everything he had said, down to the smallest detail. She too is alive today and can verify the truth of this incident.
 BABAJI, Message from the Himalayas
Gertraud Reichel
Verdad, Simplicidad, Amor
 Truth, Simplicity. Love

Αλήθεια,Απλότητα, Αγάπη