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Fire of Transformation (my life with Babaji…) by Gaura Devi.

Fire of Transformation (my life with Babaji…) by Gaura Devi.

15 June 1978

I am enchanted by Babaji’s flexibility and His ability to adjust to each person and every situation.

When dealing with the local village people He can be extremely down-to-earth, becoming one of them, a poor mountain person, talking about stones and potatoes, sharing their simple problems and most of all teaching them about honesty. Then when He is relating to the sophisticated people who arrive from the big cities, Delhi or Bombay, He transforms Himself into an oriental prince, beautiful and worldly.

With women He plays the seductive man, with us Westerners He is the severe Master yet full of love, with children He is youthful, tender, an ineffable mother/father figure.

His endless play and kaleidoscopic ability, His magical transformations, it all continually fascinates me; it’s as if He constantly adopts many different forms in order to help us, coming down to our level of understanding in order to take our hand and lift us one step higher, towards Him.

An ancient Sanskrit prayer says: ‘Oh Lord, Your play in human form is most strange and mysterious.’

The bridge that exists between Him and ourselves is His continuous, infinite love.

30 January 1979

The Indian devotees adore Him, contemplating the Divine in Him, touch Him, prepare special food for Him; Indian women spoil Him in a tender motherly way and He allows them to play with His body as if He were a doll, dressing it up and adorning it.

Through adoring Him, we are adoring a symbol of ourselves, something which each of us would like to be, our own divine Self.

Babaji is a skillful Master working on our projections like an accomplished psychologist.

He allows us to play for a while, indulge ourselves in our attachments or desires a little, but sooner or later they are denied us, refused and He forces us back again onto ourselves, even rejecting us.

It is not uncommon to see Him suddenly tell somebody to leave, sometimes quite harshly, unexpectedly, without any apparent reason.

I feel He is particularly hard with the people from the West, not allowing them to remain here for a long period of time.

Also the game He plays out with the women is another teaching.

He always mirrors the feelings we have right there in front of Him, what we really are, although we don’t always recognize it immediately ourselves; and yet in a moment or two He can transform and elevate us.  
 He gives of Himself unconditionally.