Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The name of God

The name of God Babaji spoke to them about the importance of repeating the name of God (nam japa): "Everything in this world is the name of God, His name is reflected in all forms. Only by the name of God can the human soul experience the one consciousness. There is no difference between the name and the form. By constantly repeating the name of God, the practitioner becomes the name of God. Thus the form of God and the form of the one practicing nam japa become one. The Name is God. In order to reach the Highest, the best is to constantly practice the repetition of the Name of God. This is why realized souls repeat God’s name. It is the only ship by which one can cross the limitations of the world. It is the only way to spiritual and material bliss. Nam japa helps to overcome all obstacles”, says Bhole Baba. "Shrisadashiv Charitamrit" Om Namaha Shivay Om