Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bhole Baba's Ashram in Manda, Gujarat

Bhole Baba's Ashram in Manda, Gujarat

It is for over 28 years now that by request of Babaji the Shivaratri is celebrated there by those who can make it there.

Shri Babaji's Murti in Manda with His hand raised in blessing.

The beautiful murti of Mother Kali,
also named Maha Maya flanked by Shri Ganapatti and Lord Kalbeirav.

During the Shivaratri night there will be all night Abishek, Puja and bhajan.
Strong Divine vibrations are making it again and again deep penetrating experience !
Please come and join us there !

To reach Manda ashram take a train from Bombay-central station to Sajan station in Gujerath. From there take a taxi or riksha to Nagan Village. Also Manda and Herakhan ashram are generally know there. If coming from Delhi it is better to get of the train in Vapi and travel from there by riksha or taxi to Bhole Baba Ashram, Nagam Manda via Sarigam on Khatalwad road ( from Vapi ;23 Km).
Incase of difficulty in reaching please contact the ashram in an STD : 02602995479

*** Bhole Baba ki Jai ***

 Truth, Simplicity. Love
Om nama Shivay