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First Christmas in Haidakhan (Babaji's Ashram)

First Christmas in Haidakhan (Babaji's Ashram)

By Elizabeth from Berlin
From Haidakhandi International Journal - Spring 2017
My husband, Ramananda was 75 years old at the time this occurred. He had been a student of Theosophy since he was 20. Because we knew almost nothing about Mahavatar Babaji at that time, my husband felt a resistance bowing in front of Him.

The next morning he said that Babaji had spoken to him in a Dream during the night, while Babaji's face came closer and closer.

He spoke: “I see, you have problems bowing in front of me. Just realize, that I am nobody and nothing. When you are bowing in front of me, you are in fact bowing in front of your own Higher Self!“ So there were no more problems bowing to Babaji after that.

Many of you know that Christmas was celebrated for the First time in Haidakhan in December, 1981. On Christmas Day, Babaji celebrated a Yagna (Fire ceremony) on Gufa-side. My husband told me later, what he had experienced during this ceremony:

The Sun was Shining brightly and people around the Fire were shouting “Swaha“ after every mantra, when Ramananda suddenly saw an extraordinary White Light around Babaji’s solar plexus. He felt almost blinded, but at the time realized there was Another Light coming from above.

This Light seemed to be 'even brighter' then the Sun. When he tried
to go deeper into this vision, he identified a figure that he knew as Jesus Christ, situated many meters right above Babaji. The Figure was Shining with an almost 'blinding light' out of His center like Babaji.

The Fire was burning; Babaji led us through the ceremony, acting in His own calm and steady way, when Jesus came down slowly until He paused about three meters above Babaji’s head. They were both like Shining Stars now.

Then, the Sun from above came down to melt into Babaji, until both
the Suns became ONE. At this moment, Jesus had vanished. Ramananda was holding his breath. He was in a state of ecstasy, but Babaji was going on with the Fire ceremony as if nothing at all had happened.

Meanwhile Ramananda heard the following words inside himself:

“Only if the Birth of Avatar Jesus happens 'Inside', will it be the meaningful Birth of Light at this time, which it is meant for all mankind.“

Now, of course, there was a question arising inside Ramananda: ‘what did Babaji intend to teach him with these words and visions?’ He came to the conclusion that Babaji’s Light prepares us for this birth to happen inside us, by purifying our hearts and minds.

To make sure that all this was more than just his own imagination, my husband was longing for Babaji’s confirmation. So during Darshan that evening he looked straight into Babaji's eyes, concentrating on the question:

‘Was that a REAL Vision?’

Babaji looked at him kindly, in a way that seemed to be motherly and fatherly at the same time, and He nodded slowly: giving him the confirmation he was asking for.

At that moment Ramananda saw Glowing Fire Circles in each of Babaji’s eyes that penetrated him deeper and deeper. He felt his 'Heart glowing' while he seemed to be endlessly unloading all that had been keeping him away from a deeper connection and understanding of God.

He felt blessed with the understanding that 'worshiping God outside' was not enough, it was time to Love God inside himself. That was probably the deepest Spiritual experience he ever had. Ramananda was certain that being in Babaji’s unconditional love had changed him profoundly.

Later that Evening he heard Babaji saying:

“Some of you will have a Vision of Christ. Take this as your Christmas gift."
Photo: Lord Haidiyakhandi Bhole Baba and Jesus Christ 🕉️