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Janki Rani (Founder of Cisternino) experiences with Babaji

Photo of Shri Babaji taken by Janki Rani in Jaipur in 1976.)

My experience with Babaji by Janki Rani (Lisetta Carmi from Cisternino, Italy)

Part I" It is not easy to talk about Babaji - the embodiment of Truth in the world, Divine Love which gives what is necessary to every soul. Simplicity that borders on pure essence.
In 1976, Babaji completely changed my life,He called me to Him. He has been a clear mirror in which I was able to see His true, deepest essence. He asked me to create an ashram in Cisternino, that give meaning to every moment of my life.

Bhole Baba KI JAY!

Before meeting with Babaji, I visited India and Afghanistan. I tried to find a Guru, I was looking for the truth and love of life. I do not feel a connection with the internal desire of most people to the spiritual teachers and traditional faith. I perceive God as Master of my life and believe in cosmic justice that unites all human beings into a single Universal Organism. Perhaps for this very reason that my first meeting with Babaji in Jaipur was absolute: I knew Him, I saw in Him all I've ever looked for. I realized that He had "called" me, because I was inwardly ready for a new life, and my life would have turned into a life-service. All my previous life was a preparation for a meeting with Babaji - Guru of all gurus. And it was a great gift.

I met Babaji 12th March 1976 in Jaipur, in the house of Jane Sahib. I arrived there in the afternoon. There was an atmosphere of incredible devotion. It reminded me of what it may have been like in Jesus' time,when students were preparing to meet the Master: inner peace, filled with pure love and reverence. Babaji came by car. I saw Him coming out of it and going to the house. He walked as if not touching the ground. He sat on the flower-decked place prepared for Him in front of a crowd of devotees, who immediately began to worship at His feet: offering Him gifts and sweets, and asking for His blessings.

I approached Him and said:

-" Babaji, I am Lisetta". He replied "Your name is Janki Rani", then He added:-" You can sit here."
He asked me to bring a chair and told me to sit down next to Him. I was in ecstasy. I looked at Babaji and "saw" Him. I recognized Him. I looked at the devotees and for the happiness they experienced near Babaji, in their simple and touching devotion. Babaji then said "This woman came from Italy," as if this was an important event. He then asked people to touch my feet. This meeting with Babaji was incredible for me ... each touched my feet, and I thought, 'How is it possible to have this treatment, He gave me just five minutes ... "

Ten minutes later, He sent a grey-haired Hindu to me,he said "Babaji says you have to tell me something that will bring me closer to God."
I said the first thing that popped into my head:" God is Love."
The old Indian came back to Babaji and gave Him these words, then again he came up to me and said, "Babaji is happy."
Babaji gave me a piece of fruit, then one of the devotees, Malti, came to me:
"Babaji says you should say something to the people."

I was in ecstasy. I looked at the people who came to Babaji - they were Indians, and they were happy that live in India, because they can speak with Him, without having to travel from Italy like me. I saw Babaji as the true embodiment of the Divine. The atmosphere around Him was especially clean.
I said, "I am ready." I just could not pass on what I feel in my heart: "the joy to be here and to find something that I always wanted."At the end of my speech, Babaji said"I thank you".

The first time I was with Babaji twenty-five days - first in Jaipur, then - in Wari. It was an amazing the period during which Babaji taught me a lot and gave a lot of love. His every gesture has a special meaning. His smile, His eyes penetrated directly to the heart.

The 15th of March '76, we heard the first indication of the Mahakranti. Babaji smiled, as if to give us a silent understanding: Now I say all this in order that you may be inwardly prepared for it. "You should cleanse yourselves spiritually to meet face to face any adversity and challenges with an open heart and courage."
But each time when Babaji mentioned disasters, I have only heard the word "liberation" as if God had given a chance to remove all negativity, to come to the triumph of love, brotherhood and harmony in the new world of the Age of Aquarius. And now more than ever I feel that all this is Babaji - it is true that we must be prepared for the total transformation, covering the entire Earth. I feel it, that is our first duty; cleaning ourselves. Merger and acquisition with the Divine "humanity" in accordance with the teachings of Babaji.

During the fourteen years Babaji was in a physical body, He showed us the correct way to change our hearts and our minds. He said that He would like to see a world where the lion and the lamb drink from the same source. We know that we are facing enormous difficulties, but no problem is too great, if faith is total.
Twenty days later, Babaji asked me to go with Him on a new pilgrimage, but I told Him " I need to go back to Italy".
" Why" ?asked Babaji.
"Because I have an elderly mother who is waiting for me, and because I have to work".
"Go then . I'll always be with you. I'm going to Italy with you." From then on, Babaji has never left me.


My first visit to Haidakhan was in August 1977. Haidakhan is a sacred place, where in 1970 Babaji appeared in a cave. This new meeting was even deeper than the first meeting with Him. Life with Haidakhan Babaji was a wonderful and unique experience, there are no words to describe it. All the Truth, Simplicity and Love. I trusted Him completely, telling Him in my heart:" Babaji, You see me, I'm not hiding anything from You, I only beg You to help me become more perfect."

Every day I spent many hours with Him, accompanying Him to the river, when He was taking His afternoon bath. Every moment was divine, walking along with Babaji, always singing to Himself.

Babaji once allowed me to wash Him. His body was strong as iron, and soft as a child's body. I felt it was a really special body with the ethereal vibrations. He was on Earth, but came from the heavens, the continuity of the Infinite Presence.Once Babaji took my hand and said:
"Janki, you have a simple nature, I like it". He asked me if I understood and repeated the words as if He were trying to help me understand their deeper meaning."Yes, Babaji", I realized I had to keep my heart simple, which is the greatest wealth, given to me by God. These words have always helped me in seeing things as they really are, instead of being based on inferences, they helped me realize my true nature, and to be happy, living in simplicity. OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA.
In 1977, Mauro joined me in Haidakhan. He was a man with whom I was very deep relationship. Mauro was a highly spiritual person. Together we had a long career with great joys and difficulties. Together, we sought the Truth.
Once we were together in the garden with Babaji and He asked me "What does Mauro mean to you?"
" I've lived with him for ten years, Babaji."
" Do you want My advice?"
" Of course, Babaji."
"You have to marry him."

So, Babaji married us in the Indian tradition. I was dressed in a sky-blue sari, and Mauro was in red robes with a golden turban. This was undoubtedly a karmic wedding which again joined us as in previous lives, we had a deep love and a common destiny. When we left Haidakhan, I returned to Italy, and Mauro continued to stay in India for four years. I've never met him during that period. Every year when I came back in Haidakhan, and did pranam to Babaji, He asked me:
" "Where is your husband?
" I did not see him again, Babaji!"

And He smiled, knowing that Mauro goes his own way, travelling in India. And I follow my Guru in the way that He has prepared for me. But we, Mauro and I, despite this, had a deep bond, like an unbroken thread. Love is stronger than time and space. Mauro left his body 23rd January 1985 in India.

In January 1979, I returned to Haidakhan. It was a year in which Babaji gave me all the most special and amazing year of my relationship with Him. Making pranam, I said in my heart:" Babaji, now I come to you to clean up my heart. That is my only goal."
He gave me everything I needed, with Divine Love, which only He can give. That year Babaji honoured me by making my mundan(head shave) with His own hands.One Saturday morning He told me"Janki, Monday, mundan".

And I realized that this mundan, made on the day of Shiva, is a true blessing.
On Monday morning, He called me, asked me to bring scissors and started to cut my hair. I felt that what He gave me, was sublime and special. When my hair was the mostly cut off, He sent me to the river, to finally shave off the rest of my hair, giving up all my hair to the holy river Gautami Ganga. When I came back to Him, He asked me to bring a brush and gold paint. He then drew a gold swastika on my head, from the back to the forehead and the right ear to the left.Then He said to me "Starting today, energy will come to you from heaven".This is a blessing accompanies and supports me in every moment of my life. It gives me the strength and energy, it leads and inspires me. Thank you, Babaji, I'll never be able to thank You enough for what You have given me, for the way You changed my life.

OM Namaha Shivaya.

MY EXPERIENCE OF BABAJI. By Janki Rani (Lisetta Carmi) Part III.
One time when we were on His terrace, I was writing a letter to my mother. Babaji took my letter and He sketched a small bunch of flowers and wrote OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. He then gave me back the letter, saying " Your mother should have died in the last year according to her karma, but I blessed her and extended her life for a few years, because she is a great mother."
From that day, my mother, who was already 93 years of age, became stronger and more vigorous. She had great faith in Babaji.

In 1980, Babaji told me to move her to Cisternino and I settled near the ashram. The last years of her life she was happy to live next to an ashram in a religious atmosphere and in harmony with the Divine. Her presence was a great gift for me and the ashram, it was an example of spiritual strength, faith and goodness. My mother used to say I was an Indian woman in my previous life. And of course, I was a great devotee of Babaji. She left the the body in February 1986 in full accordance with the divine promise of peace.

In 1979, Babaji spoke of Jesus Christ with great love. He said that Jesus was the most advanced of His disciples and that Jesus lived with Him in India and Tibet for 9 years. That year Christmas in Haidakhan was a great holiday. When we asked Babaji why He celebrated Christmas in India, in the Himalayas, He replied " To emphasize the importance of Christianity for all mankind."

In the same year, Babaji gave me a remarkable teaching about money: how to use it carefully, without waste that Divine energy is present in every cent spent with generosity and without attachment. Babaji taught me that money does not belong to us, but God gave it to us for the benefit of everyone. Babaji said to me " Janki take 100 rupees, go to Swami FakirAnand and exchange it for coins. So the 100 rupee note was exchanged into a heavy bag full of coins. Every morning I carried this heavy bag on my shoulder as I accompanied Babaji. He blessed the devotees and Indians working in the garden of the ashram, those who built temples, carried stones (how many stones in Haidakhan!) and those who did other karma yoga. Babaji used to tell me "Janki, money!" I opened the bag, He took the coins and counted them. Each received a different amount according to need and merit. Thirty paise, fifty paise. There was no difference between the rich and the poor.A week later, when my bag was empty Babaji said "Janki, take a 100 rupee and to exchange it. So, the game continued. It was for me an invaluable learning. It was useful for the ashram management - to manage prudently each rupee without unnecessary spending. Only significantly later on I realized why Babaji played this great game, showing me the importance of money, which we need to use and to give appropriately.

That year, saying goodbye, Babaji gave me two sticks: one - smooth and gold - for the house, the other was a large, gnarled, with many sharp burrs. He said "These will help you take care of people."
I left Haidakhan bald and cheerful, with two sticks, with a heart of the peaceful blessings of Babaji, in the knowledge of the deep transformation of my being. Babaji said goodbye and gave me small sandal for my mother, a precious gift, that it always to be used with mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. This gift gave her the strength and courage to the end of her life.Two days after returning to Genoa, when I went to buy milk, an unknown Priest greeted me with the words "Shalom, may I greet you in this way?" I happily returned his greeting, and then he added "Do you know that you are a bearer of light?" "Yes, I know" I said "because God is with me." "That's right" - the Priest said.

I told him about Babaji,His ashram in the Himalayas, and what Babaji said about Jesus. The Priest with burning eyes told me, "You're talking about the new gospel." We parted with gratitude on mutual understanding, and I realized that the divine light that passes through me from Babaji can be seen by those few.

Thank you, Babaji, for the gift sent to all of us, that we really cannot fully understand. But the seed that you placed in my heart sprouted, making Your message of Truth, Simplicity and Love even more prosperous.

In 1980 and 1981, I was again with Babaji, each time for three months. Again, the joy was total. Babaji was so good to me. He let me stay at His side. He would not let me do any physical work. I had to learn to work with people. Life with Babaji was a continuous teaching. His smile, His simplicity, His giving of Himself without any restrictions (total surrender) - all this is unconditional Divine Love.

When my mother came to Cisternino, I could not go to India, my responsibilities included Cisternino and care of her, but as Babaji had promised, He was always with me.

In October 1983, Babaji called me to Haidakhan. It was His last great gift to call me before He left His body in February 1984. I spent a month with Him, during which He filled me with love and happiness, and gave me the last instructions that could make my life strong and courageous.
I asked Him what He really would like to see at the ashram in Cisternino, and He replied " Cisternino is a place for transformation, purifying the mind, meditation and karma yoga - and nothing more."
One day He was lying near His kutir, looking very tired. I was next to Him, and He said to me to pull a white hair from His head. He seemed half-asleep. I touched His head in awe, shy and reserved. Was it really for me, to pull out a white hair from Babaji's head? It was like a divine dream, not reality. Then He asked me to stop, and we were close to each other for half an hour, I felt a unity of infinite love. Then He suddenly got up, put a white shawl on my shoulders, and left. This was the last farewell I realized later.

When I was about to leave Haidakhan on horseback crossing the river, Babaji placed His hand on my head and looked into my eyes with infinite love and told me with a beaming glance:
" Be happy in the Name of Hanuman!" And then quickly "Go!"

*(End of Story from Janki Rani, Lisetta)