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Story from Gaura Devi's book, FIRE OF TRANSFORMATION

Story from Gaura Devi's book, FIRE OF TRANSFORMATION
2 November 1978

Two days ago a group of us climbed Mount Kailash with Babaji. We didn’t set out until the afternoon and stopped at a house in a village in the evening to sleep there. We sat with Babaji around a big fire and He asked me to massage Him at length on His back, in front of everybody. I knew that this was a sacred ritual and that it could also be for the others present as well, because I thought He wanted people to see that He can be touched with a certain purity and sincerity. For me Babaji resembles a murti, a sacred but living statue, and every gesture towards Him is an expression of worship for me, a puja, an act of adoration.
After a while we all sat in silence with Him around the leaping flames of the fire. Suddenly Babaji took my hand, holding it under His blanket and my heart skipped a beat; I was intensely moved, this simple gesture touched something very deep inside me and it felt as if my heart began to melt, filled with a blissful feeling, a deeply profound sensation. Babaji went to rest in His room and for the rest of the night I remained awake sitting by the fire, not even lying down but filled with ecstasy, my mind completely silent. From time to time, I could hear the sound of Om within me, the vibration of which was also evident in the room as well.

In the very early morning, at about three o’clock, before everybody else woke up, I took a cold shower outside in the dark. Again I felt the sound of Om inside me, and it also pervaded the valley and mountains round about, everything vibrating: it was as if an electrical current was passing through me, the sound of it almost deafening in my ears and yet at the same time there existed the presence of a great silence.
Fire of Transformation
by Gaura Devi

Αλήθεια,Απλότητα, Αγάπη
Verdad, Simplicidad, Amor
Truth, Simplicity. Love
 Om nama Shivay