Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Oh, Handsome Prabhu, You are my Lord and full of infinite grace.
Oh, Omniscience, you are the store - house of pure beauty and supreme Guru of the world.
Oh, Great Guru, you remove doubts all without speech.
Oh Crest Jewel Jnani, Omnipotent, merciful you are God of Gods who selflessly gives protection to the world.

Although Shri Prabhuji acquired a very simple form in this manifestation, still His supreme human energy could not remain without expression of His form.
 Standing beside the Lord Shri Devi prayed to Him every moment, "Oh, Bhole Nath, you kindly fulfill the expectations of the need.
Being an Ocean of compassion, He thought over to wander at the bank of Gautam Ganga and ordered to dessiminate the path of devotion 
by establishment of a Shiva idol and to show to the human beings an imminent path.




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