Sunday, 17 February 2013



1.      High waves of fear fill this ocean of life,
The night of illusion has left me bewildered.
I pray to you Mother Durga, be pleased, Save me,
O Mother Queen of the World.

2.      In the midst of this sea of transient existence,
O Mother, no-one but you can protect me.
O Queen of this World, I pray to you.
Save me! O help me, O help me to cross this great sea.

3.      You are my dear Mother, full of compassion.
I am your child in distress,
O Mother bless me with ardent devotion.

4.      O Queen of Queens, raising the kingdoms,
All-present protectress of the Three Worlds.
To your tender lotus-feet let me surrender,
Be pleased, I bow to you, Mother of All.

5.      Sovereign Supreme, reigning victorious over the foe,
By all spheres you are worshipped, Consort of Shiva.
You shower nectar of Grace,
O world Mother, Be pleased, obeisance to you.

6.      Your graceful beauty has no comparison,
you bring across the endless ocean of change.
You live in the heart-lotus cave of Munindra,
We greet you, O Durga Destroyer of Sins.

7.      Your Form is bliss, the Force of light of awareness,
The knowledge of silence, of the Absolute Brahman.
Your Form is the Guru, full of compassion,
We bow to you Devi, Queen of the World.

8.      Forever protect me, Support of the World,
you are the True Source of all life.
You heal the disease of birth
in samsara,
Praise to you, Mother of HaidakaKhan.